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On the previous line of scrimmage, where the last play took place.

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Q: Where is the ball placed after an incomplete pass in football?
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Is spiking the ball in football statistically an incomplete pass?


What is an incomplete in football?

In American and Canadian Football, a ball can be passed forward from behind the line of scrimmage. If the ball falls on the ground it is called an incomplete pass. That means no one caught it. It can also be called an incomplete. That is a short way of saying "It is an incomplete forward pass."

What does incomplete pass means in football?

it means the receiver dropped the ball

What is an incomplete pass in football?

When the quarterback throws the ball to the receiver and the receiver doesn't catch it.

What happens when there is an incomplete pass in football?

When there is an Incomplete pass, the game clock is stopped, the ball returned to the previous line of scrimmage-aka Los- (before the incomplete pass), and the game clock does not resume until the snap of the ball. The play clock, however is not stopped and will resume when the official places the ball on the Los.

What is a incomplete pass in football?

When a ball is thrown forward but not caught in bounds or dropped and it hits the ground

Can a defensive player pull an offensive player apart from the ball when their is a reception in the end zone in football?

no , the offensive player has to have control or it is an incomplete pass. if offensive player hits the ground and ball comes out it is an incomplete pass.

What is it called when a player drops the ball?

When a football player drops the ball, it is called a fumble if he had possesion of the ball, or an incomplete pass if a receiver fails to catch the ball.

What is A pass that is not caught in football?

An incomplete pass

If a ball is passed forward but behind the line of scrimage and dropped is it a fumble or incomplete pass?

incomplete pass

If a football is thrown and not caught?

It's an incomplete pass.

On a forward pass can the football hit the ground and still be complete in Canadian football?

No, it is ruled an incomplete pass