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The Fulham Football Club is based in Fulham London which is the southwest of the city. This professional club was founded in 1879. They have been playing in the English Premier League for 11 seasons.

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Q: Where is the Fulham Football Club based at?
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What is Fulham Twitter handle?

@FulhamFC is the twitter handle of the London based Fulham football club.

Where is the Fulham football club located?

The Fulham football club is a United Kingdom based club for football. This is near Craven Cottage a highly recommended area for impressing tourists and locals alike.

Where is the Chelsea FC located?

Chelsea Football Club is an English football club that is based in Fulham, London, England.

What is Fulham FC full name?

Fulham Football Club

How many English premier league teams play in the city of fulham?

2 Both fulham fc and Chelsea football club grounds are based in the borough of Fulham

Is there a fee to join the Fulham Football Club?

"Yes, there is indeed a fee to join the Fulham Football Club. The fee is to help the Fulham Football team buy new equipment and help the have a better football team."

Which football club are nicknamed the cottagers?


Where online can someone find information on the Fulham Football Club?

Information about Fulham Football Club can be found online at Wikipedia. There is also an official fan based website called Topics WSJ containing information, news and pictures about the club.

What are the selling points for Chelsea fans?

Chelsea Football club is an English Football club. The club is based in Fulham in London,U.K. It was founded in 1905 and they play in the Premier League.

Where do Fulham football club train?

Fulham's official training ground is Motspur Park.

Who are the Cottagers?

Cottagers is the nickname for Fulham football club.

Who are the who are the Cottagers?

Cottagers is the nickname for the Fulham football club.

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