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It's becomming more and more popular as time goes by, but being from the California, I'd have to say the West Coast... particularly Southern California. The calibur of play is more advanced, and there are more little league teams, travel teams, ect. If you ever watch college softball or even look at the stats of team USA softball, the majority of players are from California. The olympic softball training facility is even located in Chula Vista Ca, (near San Diego).

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Q: Where is softball common?
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What does softball and baseball have in common?

They have almost everything in common. The only differences are: A softball is bigger, but it isn't as hard as a baseball. Softball games are usually six or seven innings. Unlike the American League in pro baseball, there are no designated hitters in softball.

What is a noun for softball?

The word 'softball' is a noun; a word for a type of sport; a word for a type of ball; a word for a thing.The noun 'softball' is an common, uncountable, abstract noun as a word for a type of sport.The noun 'softball' is a common, singular, concrete noun as a word for a type of ball.

How is tennis and softball the same?

They are pretty much NOTHING in common.

What are the Most common baseball and softball injuries?

Baseball injuries

What do volleyball and softball have in common?

Volleyball and Softball both have balls. haha. Most people who do volleyball also do softball. They involve short sprints and rules. Hope this helps :p

When is the softball season?

The most common season that softball is associated with is spring, although it can be played year round. The second most common season is fall-typicaly called fall-ball.

The most common ways to record outs in softball?

Using a scorebook...

Things soccer and softball have in common?

They're both girl's games.

What is the history of the 16 inch softball?

Very common in the Chicago area.

Is sport a common noun?

Yes, it is a common noun. An exmaple of a Proper name would be Major League Baseball.

How often to people get injuried in softball?

It depends on the precautions and the situation. UCL tears are common or tennis elbows and tendonitous. Like I said though, it just depends on the situations but those injuries are common in softball

What four things did ancient Greeks have in common?


Is the word softball game a noun?

The word 'softball' is a common, compound, singular noun. The word 'game' is a common, singular noun.The term 'softball game' can be considered a noun phrase(any word or group of words based on a noun or pronoun, without a verb) or an open spaced compound noun (the noun softball and the noun game joined to form a word with a meaning of its own).

What infield positions in softball do lefthanders play?

As a softball player myself, my friend plays first. But, leftys can really play any position. first is most common.

Why softball is better than softball?

They are the same thing!! "Why softball is better than softball?"

Is softball a proper noun?

No, the noun softball is a common noun, a word for any game of softball or any softball.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Amateur Softball Association of AmericaThe National Softball Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City, OKSoft Saskatchewan, Regina SK, CanadaSoftball Australia, Collingwood VIC, Australia

What is softball in Tagalog?

softball in Tagalog: softball (no Tagalog translation)

What is the most common spot to get hit with a wild pitch in softball?

varies form your feet to your head

What is the most common base used in softball?

Home plate because every batter starts there... What are you even asking? How can a base be most common?

What gender plays softball?

Female, they also have softball leagues for adults. Which is usually co-ed. Both genders play softball although it is more common to see all female or co-ed teams than it is to see all male teams.

Why did they name softball softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from Baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.

Is a baseball or a softball heavier?

A softball

What is heavier a baseball or a softball?

a softball

What is a softball question?

A question about softball.

Which is bigger softball or baseball?