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A Burton Custom X snowbird can be purchased from a variety of online and retail sources. The main online sources being eBay, Nextag, and the Burton website.

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Q: Where is it possible to purchase a Burton Custom X Snowboard?
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Where can one purchase Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings?

The best place to purchase Burton custom snowboard bindings is at a local sporting goods retail store such as REI. If one is willing to buy online, the Burton website would be a good place to start as these bindings are sold there as well.

What are the features of a Burton Custom snowboard?

The Burton Custom snowboard has a directional shape, symmetrical flex and a good camber. It also has a feature called "The Channel" allowing the user to easily attach their bindings with the flexibility to use many stances.

Does a Burton board have to have Burton bindings?

no my uncle has a Burton board with triplenickel bindings but its a custom

What styles of Burton Custom snow bindings are there?

There are a wide variety of Burton custom snow bindings. The official 2013 Burton collection offers the snow bindings in the colors white, blue, and black.

Can you use flow bindings on a Burton custom flying v snowboard?

yes flow is the best brand for bindings in the industry at this time. for the most part you can put any bindings on any board, doesnt matter the company or brand.

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