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Ice skating is done all over the world, so there isnt a pacific place. Although there are places that figure skating is most popular.

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2011-11-24 07:53:47
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Q: Where is ice skating most popular?
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What is one of the most popular forms of skating?

Popular forms of skating include: Inline skating Speed skating Ice skating

What are the most popular professional Winter and Summer sports on TV in England?

fotball and ice skating football and ice skating

Who is the movie title of ice skating?

There are many movies that involve Ice Skating. I guess the most popular one, and the one you are refering to, is Ice Princess.

How popular is ice-skating?


Is Ice skating more popular then Figure skating?

Figure skating is a type of ice skating. It's like asking "Is a Ferrari more popular than a car?" A Ferrari is a type of car. Ice skating includes figure skating, speed skating, ice dancing, ice hockey, any type of activity where you move across the ice on skates. So, ice skating would have more participants because it includes more activities than just figure skating.

What is the least popular sport in Vietnam?

Most definitely winter sports (except for ice skating which is getting more popular)

Where in the world is figure skating popular?

Yes ice skating is a popular sport around the world and its becomming more and more popular.

What are the most popular ice skating moves?

There are many popular Figure Skating movements, you can see them on figure skating contests and others Some include the Triple Axel, for pairs, the Carries and Throws. (Add more when possible)

What is the most popular winter sports in winter?

Ice-Skating is the best and most poplar game which is played in extreme winter.

Why was ice skating called ice skating?

Because Ice skating is the act of skating on ice.

Where is figure skating most popular?

Well it is pretty popular all over the world, but is the most popular in the Us, Japan, and Russia for singles. The us is also popular for pairs and ice dancing. China is popular for pairs.AnswerAmerica!Actually, figure skating is most popular in China, within the Asian communityI think it's Russia to be honestAnswerIt is played on a rink.To be honest people can do skating on shoes.USA, Canada, Russia and China are a few

What is the favorite sport in Russia?

The most popular or favorite sport in the country of Russia is hockey. Other popular sports include soccer, ice skating, and tennis.

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