Where is ballet danced?

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It depends, if you are talking about a Ballet class, then it is at a ballet studio. If it is a performance you are talking about, then ballet is danced at a theater. If it is a local unprofessional ballet, then it is obviously at a local theatre. If it is a professional, then it is performed at a theater usually in the same popular city that the ballet company is in. Professional companies also go on tours to other major theaters.

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Q: Where is ballet danced?
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Where was ballet first danced?

Ballet was first danced in France and Italy.

What sort of music is ballet danced to?

Classical ballet is usually danced to classical music. Contemporary ballet is danced to variety of music.

Who danced ballet?

At first Kings and queens and people of the french court danced ballet Ballet became popular about 17th century. Originally it was danced only by males.

What continents is ballet danced in?


When was ballet discovered?

Ballet was first danced in Italy but, King Luis the III created the first ballet school in France.

Why was ballet danced?

ballet originated in France, in the court of King Louis 14. This form of ballet was not wat we know today. It was mostly jsut little steps. But, to answer your question, ballet was danced for entertainment, and also because some people just love to dance. i am one of those people.

What famous ballerina danced in the ballet swan lake?

natasha willis

Is Les Patineurs ballet still being danced today?

Yes, this season alone Les Patineurs is in the rep of The Sarasota Ballet and the Houston Ballet.

What is the date when ballet was first danced?

i know ballet began in the early 16oos but i don't know the exact date sorry

What role did king Louis 14th take in ballet?

He set up a ballet school in France and also danced the leading role in some of his ballet schools productions.

Who is born in 1925 her dad was an Osage Indian and danced with the Paris opera ballet and the new york city ballet with a statue of her?


Who was Dame Margot Fonteyn?

She was an Famous British Ballet Dancer and Danced until she was 58.

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