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gymnastics gold

wilson YMCA

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Q: Where is a good place to get tumbling lessons?
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Where can you find a place for cheerleading lessons?

Empire. if you live in pa it is in canonsburg and you can take tumbling and stunting a whole bunch of stuff.

Is a recreation center a good place for tumbling classes?

To me, a recreation center is a horrible place for tumbling classes unless the teacher has the experience and the equiment. The place I would definitely go to for tumbling is a local gymnastics place near you that has good teachers with experience, and the equipment you need to tumble, etc.

What is tumbling?

Gymnastics teaches you everything,parellel bars,balence beam and such, where tumbling focuses more on flips, and stunts. yes that is what it is. i take tumbling lessons and it is just floor exercises tumbling is more power tumbling and also includes double mini and trampoline

How do you get a full in Cheerleading faster?

Private gymnastics tumbling lessons and practice. No mind blocks as well

Where can you get typing lessons?

a good competitive place to go is typing club

What is required of a person to be a cheerleader?

a cheerleader attitude! serious dedication, strength, stamina, and if you want to be really good, take tumbling lessons, and work out daily. be preppy. and just stretch and practice.

What is a good name for a tumbling competion?

A tumbling meet Orr you could just say a meet

If you're at the age of thirteen can you still do tumbling without the little kids?

Yes, usually they have different age groups for tumbling classes. But it depends, i suggest to ask the gymnastics place if you really want to do gymnastics! Good luck!

Where can I take free Typing lessons?

Education forums would be a good place to ask about free typing lessons. You could ask if there are teachers offering free typing lessons in your area.

Where is a good place to take singing lessons to singing like Cymphonique?

no where at all it is almost impossible

Is tumbling good exercise?

Tumbling is AMAZING exercise. Even after a month or so you will begin to see great results if you are working hard at it.

You are a beginner in cheerleading and carnt do any tumbling what should you do?

First what you should do you should look on the internet about what tumbling clubs are near you. secondly if you can't find one go to you coach and ask for extra training. or you could either take lessons in tumbling...some school require it to be on the squad others don't. I'm on a highscool squad and we only have one girl who is a really good probably want to talk to the couch and find out what is required.

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