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Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

Manchester United.

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Manchester United.

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Q: Where is RVP going from Arsenal?
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Are arsenal good?

of course they are rvp is legend

Who scored 4 goals in premiership match but never scored hat trick?

Arsenal vs wigan 4-0 No Hat trick not even from RVP

How many goals did van persie score for arsenal?

Altogether RVP has scored 132 goals for arsenal. In the 2011/12 season alone he managed 37 and took Barclay's Premier league golden boot award.

What does RVP stand for at airports?

In aviation RVP stands for Rendezvous Point. You will probably have seen it on street signs normally with a green background (in the UK). Some airports have more than one RVP, for example: RVP South and RVP West. The purpose of an RVP is that it is the designated place that the emergency services will go to in the event of an emergency or major incident at the airport.

Who is going to win arsenal or man utd?

arsenal are going to win 2-1

What is RVP condensate?

There isn't RVP condensate. Condensate is the hydrocarbon liquid that comes out of the ground at gas wells. RVP is a measure of the amount of "light ends" in the liquid. RVP is roughly a measure of how light or heavy oil is, or how long the carbon chains are.

Is Liverpool going to beat arsenal?

Liverpool by miles arsenal suck

Will Lukas Podolski ever play for Arsenal?

He is going to play for Arsenal

Huddersdfield v arsenal who is going to win?

arsenal is the best in the champions leauge and premier leauge

When is Arsenal going to play next?

Arsenal plays Man United on November 22nd .

Is arsenal going to resign viera?


Is Mikel Arteta going to Arsenal?

He is already there.

Is Suarez better than rvp?

It's got to be luis,because he is a speedy skillster that's unselfish however rvp never really sets up his teammates also luis can score from amazing distances and play better for Uruguay than rvp does for holland.

Who is the highest goal scorer in england?


Cristiano Ronaldo going to arsenal?

ronaldo is giong to arsenal or real Madrid but surely he is not stay with Manchester united

Are arsenal going to buy Joe Cole?

No Arsenal are not buying Joe Cole as he has joined Liverpool on a free transfer.

Is Cardiff going to beat arsenal?


Which is better ratchet and clank going commando or up you arsenal?

Up Your Arsenal is way better, but the first one is the best.

What does RVP mean at airports?

it means.."rendezvous point"

What is RVP current weekly salary is?

obviously not enough

How many people support arsenal in the world?

everyone in the world support Arsenal. that's because they are going to win against Barcelona

How much is RVP salary every week?

i recently heard that he was going to be on £200,000 a week but i then heard that man u gave him a wage of £250,000 a week, joined with rooney

Did rvp get traded to a new team?

Not yet but it is quite likely that he will

Does petrol give off carbon dioxide?

rvp is the best

Which is better ratchet and clank up your arsenal or going commando?

in my opinion is up your arsenal because there are vehicles other than that there pretty much the same

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