Where is BCS trophy made?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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it is made in Ireland.

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Q: Where is BCS trophy made?
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What is the BCS national championship trophy made of?


What manufacturer makes the BCS trophy?

Waterford Wedgewood

Is the bcs championship trophy hollow or solid?


Did the 2008 Utah Utes football team get National Championship rings?

No, they ended at #2 in the final BCS standings and were not national champions since they did not play in the BCS Championship game. They did win the Mountain West championship trophy, but no ring

What is the name of the NCAA championship trophy called?

It is called the Wanamaker Trophy. Named after Rodman Wanamaker, who donated the first prize for the first PGA Championship, which was a gold medal, studded with diamonds.

How do you vote for the BCS standings?

The BCS is made up of the AP Poll, Coaches Poll, a computer poll, the Harris Interactive Poll, etc. We do not get to vote directly for the BCS polls.

What is the Super Bowl trophy made of?

The Super Bowl trophy is made of sterling silver.

When was the World Cup trophy made?

It was made for the 1974 world cup. as Brazil kept the 1970 trophy.

Where was the World Cup trophy made?

It is made in France.

When was the Heisman Trophy made?


What are the subjects of Bcs?

Which are the subject in bcs

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