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Q: Where in the world is softball played?
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Where else in the world is softball played in?

Softball is played all over the world.

Where is softball located?

Softball is played all over the world

Where is softball played?

softball is played all around the world, but is especially big in the western united states

How many girls in the world played softball?

Too many to count.. :)

Do more people like soccer or softball?

More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world

Where was softball first played?

Softball was first played in a gym on Thanksgiving day.

What is the court of softball?

Softball is played on a softball field or it is often referred to as a diamond.

When played softball?

You play softball in the spring and in the summer!

How long has softball been played?

Softball has been played since 1887. On Thanksgiving day the first game of softball was played inside a gym at the Farragut Boat Club. The inventor of softball is believed to be George Hancock.

Would you rather pick softball or the fair?

i would pick softball cause if you haven't played which i haven't played so i would pick softball

Where was the first softball game played?

The first softball game was played in Chicago in1887 on Thanksgiving Day

How do softball and baseball differ?

Baseball is played with a smaller and harder ball than softball, hence the term SOFTball.

Famous people who have played softball in the Olympics?

Jennie Finch was in the softball Olympics

How long did jennie finch play softball?

she played softball for 20 years

When was World University Softball Championship created?

World University Softball Championship was created in 2004.

Where is softball played most?


Will softball be played in the 2012 Olympics?


When was the first softball game played?

The first softball game was played on Thanksgiving Day in 1887. It was played in Chicago. It was played in the gym of Farragut Boat Club.

Does girls youth softball have a World Series?

yes there is a girls little league softball world series

What century was softball first played?


Is there softball in every country?

there is softball in a lot of countries--- watch the little league softball world series in the summer

How many people play softball in the world?

how many people in the world are playing softball?

How many softball players are there in the world?

The number of softball players in the world is estimated to 40 million. Of the 40 million, it is estimated that about 30 million Americans play softball.

What does GP mean in softball?

Games Played

How many players are played in softball?