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in siria

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Q: Where in US is Honduras going to play soccer?
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Is soccer going to be played in US?

Soccer is played somewhere in the US every day.

How many play soccer in the US?

Around 70 million play in US.

What position does she play in soccer?

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

Do you need a licence to play soccer?

In the US you don't.

Do they play soccer in US high schools?


How many people play in us soccer?


Does the US trade with Honduras?

No, because the US is better than Honduras

What US state borders Honduras?

Honduras does not border any US state.

How many people play us soccer?

250 million

Does David Beckham play soccer for England or US?


How is football different from the US in Mexico?

It is completely different: we play football; they play soccer.

Does Mia Hamm play for the US team?

She used to play for the U.S soccer team...