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She used to play for the U.S soccer team...

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Q: Does Mia Hamm play for the US team?
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Related questions

Did Mia Hamm play soccer with the US right after college?

Mia Hamm joined the US national team at age 15. She attended college at the University of North Carolina.

When did mia hamm make the US soccer team?

Mia Hamm started playing on the women's US Soccer Team in 1987.

Is mia hamm going to play on the US national team?

No she has retired long ago.

How many years did Mia Hamm play soccer for the US National Team?

17 years

Was mia hamm asked to play on the US soccer team?

Yes Me not know My name is Mia sooooo ya here is baby yoda

What soccer team dose mia hamm play on?

Mia Hamm used to play for the US Women's soccer team. She is retired now. She wrote a book called Go For The Goal. It tells a lot about her team, teammates, the rules of soccer and it contains an inside story on the 1999 Women's World Cup.

Why is Mia Hamm so famous?

she was put on the us team since she 15

How old was mia hamm when she joined the us nationol team soccer?


What is the challenges of Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm lost her brother whileplaying on the US girls national team . She has gone through divorce and many other things.

How did Mia Hamm learn to play soccer?

Her dad was in the Air Force so Hamm grew up as a military brat, living on various bases throughout the world. While the Hamm family was in Italy, Mia learned to play soccer. When the family moved to Texas, Mia Hamm joined her first soccer team at age five. By the time she was 14, she was dominating girls' soccer in Texas and was already being scouted by the US women's national soccer team.This is straight from Mia Hamm's biography in the "Related Links" section

What is Mia Hamm's current Occupation?

As of September 2014, Mia Hamm is the global ambassador for FC Barcelona. Hamm played soccer for the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Washington Freedom, and the US National team before retiring in 2004.

Who is the most famous soccer player in the US?

Mia Hamm. She is the captain of the US team for World Cups and the Olympics.

How old was Mia Hamm when she first made the US Womens National Soccer Team?


Did Mia Hamm have any injuries?

Mia Hamm had an injury during the final match of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The US team won the match 2-1 against China.

At the 2004 Olympics Mia Hamm competed in which sport for the US?

After the death of her brother in 1997, Mia Hamm created the Mia Hamm Foundation to support bone marrow transplant patients and encourage young female athletes.

Where was the US soccer star Mia Hamm born?

Mia Hamm was born on March 17th, 1972 in Selma, Alabama.

Time line of Mia Hamm?

Mia Hamm was born March 17, 1972. She played soccer for the North Carolina Tar Heels from 1988 to 1993. She was on the US Women's National Team from 1987 to 2004. She retired from competition after the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Why is Mia hamm well known?

She is known as one of the best soccer players in history. She led the us Women's soccer team to the Olympics.

Who are the 16 soccer players of the US girls soccer team?

I think Tiffany Milbrett, Mia Hamm was but now shes modeling for Tony the tiger.

Which soccer star was inducted in the US soccer hall of fame?

Mia Hamm

Was mia hamm famouse?

yes, she was one of the most famous us woman soccer player

Who is the leading scorer for US?

On the men's side it's Landon Donovan. He has scored 37 goals for the US men's national soccer team.The top scorer for the US women's team is Mia Hamm who scored 158 goals in her international career.

Who was the 5 time US Soccer athlete of the year?

Mia Hamm from 94-98. No man has ever won this award five times

Ow much does Mia hamm gross a year?

she owes the world for making us all waste time watching womens soccer

Is Mia Ham still on the US soccer team?