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One place I know of is at Princes Park each Saturday morning

A field is drawn up on the spot each week about 150 yards south of the old Carlton Football Ground, and can be seen from the main street, Royal Parade.

Sometimes, there are enough players to pitch two games

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Q: Where in Melbourne Australia is the game of Ultimate frisbee played?
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Sports not played in the Olympic?

· ultimate frisbee

How long has Ultimate Frisbee been played?

Ultimate has been around since 1968.

How much is a touchdown worth in ultimate Frisbee?

A "touchdown" or "goal" is considered one point in Ultimate Frisbee. Games are commonly played up to thirteen points.

Where is ultimate Frisbee played in?

any pitch or field that has 80 yards to work with

Where is ultimate frisbee played?

any pitch or field that has 80 yards to work with

What PE games are similar to frisbee?

Well if you have never played Ultimate Frisbee I think you should try it out, I play with my buds, it's real fun.

When and where was ultimate frisbee originally played?

Joel Silver, a Columbia High School student, created an Ultimate club at the school in 1968.

When was baseball first played in Australia?

Baseball was first played in Melbourne, Australia in 1857.

Is frisbee a sport?

Indeed Frisbee is two sports. There is disc golf, played like regular golf except with cage type holes, and ultimate frisbee, a sort of soccer/ handball/ football mix.

Where can ultimate frisbee be played?

go to and click on pickup page too find game in your area

How was ultimate frisbee played?

Ultimate Frisbee is played seven on seven on a field slightly smaller than a football field. The goal is to throw the Frisbee to your teammates without dropping the disc. Once you get the disc into the end zone you get a point. However, the person with the disc cannot run with the disc. First to 13 wins. It is actually more competitive than people think.

When and where was cricket first played in Australia?

It was played in 1854 in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

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