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soccer? don't you mean football? soccer isn't played in the UK

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Q: Where in England was soccer played?
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Related questions

What state in England was the first game of soccer played?

The first soccer game was played in London in England.

When was soccer played in England?

in 1170 it started and England is still playing soccer!

When was soccer first played?

soccer was first played by the England dutchman in 1448.

Where did soccer originate in kids terms?

Soccer originated in Derby, England. It was first played when a victory was won by England from the Russians. Of course, they called it football, not soccer. :)

When was the first soccer macth played?


Do the Jonas Brothers like England?

They love England. Whenever they were there, Joe had a scarf for England soccer. Also they live all the shops and even played soccer with The Queen of England.

Soccer was first played in?

soccer was first played in USA. Football was first played in England,BRAZIL,WEST GERMANY,FRANCE etc.

When did soccer begin to be played in Europe?


What is the country that started soccer?

Soccer was first played in England in the mid 1800's

How many times has Italy played England in soccer?

They have played each other 34 times and it is called football not 'soccer' thank you.

When and where was soccer first played?

It was first played in England, around the 1800's.

Where did the first game of soccer take place?

Modern soccer was first codified in England, so it stands to reason that the intercollegiate matches played in England were the first.

Who came up with soccer?

well soccer was invented in China but England later on played it and took credit for it.

How do you write an essay about soccer in phys ed?

soccer is most played-in America and then England and the soccer is cheated with money but the soccer is very interested one for most watching soccer

Where was the first soccer game played at?

its hard to know but i think its was played a mexico or england

When Have England ever played soccer against Mexico?


Were was soccer mostly played in?

England. It's there main sport.

Is soccer played in England?

Yes, but the English call it football.

Has the England soccer team ever played in a blue jersey?


How many Australian players have played soccer in England?


Were did soccer originated?

some games that are simalar to soccer has been played in roman times but then it fully originated in england.

What is the most popular sport played by amateurs in England?

Football (soccer)

What country is soccer played the most?

England, It's called "Football" there.

In what team in football is Tom Felton playing in?

In September 2008, he played for the England side in Soccer Aid 2008 it was the only Tim tom ever played football for a team he is other wise just an actor

What sport is mainly played in England?

Mainly Football (Soccer), Cricket and Rugby