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your turn out should come from your hips. you have to turn out in Ballet because that's just how it is :P

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Q: Where does your turn out need to come from and why in ballet?
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Where does your turn out come from in ballet?

your turn out comes from the hips and thighs

What is turn in ballet in mean?

if you mean what is a turn in ballet called? it is a pirouette.

Should boys do ballet?

The boys should do Ballet because it will give them stronger legs and will help them with there balance. It is there decison but if they do it they will turn out like Billy Elliot and come very popular. Also girls need a partner to lift them up in certain dancers.

Do ballet slippers come in red?

Yes, They come in every colour, because you need some to go with every ballet dress/tutu in a big show.

Where does turn out come from dance?

Ballet! Turnout is important in all dance styles, except hiphop like styles

Can you teach yourself ballet?

I do not think you can. There are so many things you can learn. All the words used in ballet are french so you would need to learn those words. You need to be able to point out the details used in ballet. For example, in jazz, when you do a pirohuette turn, your leg by your knee is parallel and in ballet it is turned out. In ballet you all ways use opposites too. Also, you need to learn all the positions. When you do a performance, you don't always smile too. So you probally could not teach yourself ballet.

Where did the ballet come from?

Ballet came from Italy

Were did ballet come from?

Ballet first came from Italy.

What is a ballet turn?


Does ballet mean turn?


Were Does Ballet Come From?

Ballet originates mainly from France and Russia

What is the name of a turn movement in a ballet?

pirouette and a pique turn

What is the ballet tern for a 360-degree turn on one foot?

The term is a pirouette. A full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet.

What is a ballet move?

a full turn

What do you need to beable to do ballet?

You need to be very physically fit, be physically flexible and have good balance. You will need ballet shoes, and it would also be a really good idea to enter ballet school to get taught properly how to perform ballet.

When did ballet come to America?

Balachine brought ballet to America in 1933.

How did ballet turn into hip-hop?

Ballet never turned into hip hop it is a different dance

What shoes do you need for ballet?

Soft, leather ballet shoes

The Cecchetti Method of Ballet was originated in what Country?

what country did Cecchetti ballet come from

Where did the term ballet come from?

The word ballet comes from french every word used in ballet is also said in french

Where can you learn to do ballet online?

it would be very hard learning ballet from videos etc as you really do need a teacher. but if you type on youtube basic ballet steps and start from there. then google ballet steps and learn how to do them from watching videos on youtube you can then start to put steps together. It would also be a good idea to get a book out from the liabary on ballet technique and a guide to ballet, so you learn how to train your body (posture, turn out etc) GOODLUCK!

Do you have to break in ballet slippers?

You don't need to break in ballet flats, but you do need to break in pointe shoes.

In ballet turn toward barre and not away?

When you turn to the other side to do a combination, turn towards the barre.

What fitness components does ballet require?

In ballet you need to have good posture and verrrrry good balance. You should also have good stamina but if you don't it will come if you take classes. It is also a must to have good co-ordination.

What equipment do you need to dance ballet?

The main equiptment you need is passion and dedication. Ballet can be very time consuming, you must be aware of that. You will also need pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and a leotard(preferably black).