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after Rugby, public school where the game was played, from city of Rugby in Warwickshire, central England.

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Q: Where does the word rugby for the game of rugby come from?
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How did the name rugby come up?

From Rugby School in England, where the game was played.

What is rugby in Greek?

There appears to be no Greek dictionary word for Rugby - In the Greek rugby football site the game is called Rugby.

Did rugby come before soccer?

No, rugby was invented during a game of soccer or as i say it football.

What is the name of le rugby in English?

Rugby is the Englaish word for the game and is used as such across the world

What country is rugby played in?

The game of rugby (in both codes) is now word wide with 0ver 90 countries taking part in the game

Where did the word touchdown come from?

football is the child of rugby. When you score in rugby you would have to touch the ball down to the ground, hence the word touchdown.

Where does the word rugger come from?

'Rugger' is merely a nick name for rugby, and most likely emerged from the school boy game in Britain or Ireland.

What is the Fijian word for rugby?

rugby = rugby

No Side in a rugby game?

end of a rugby game

When was the game of rugby invented?

The game of rugby was invented in 1750.

On a PSP can you get a rugby game?

There is a Rugby League game on PSP called "Rugby League Challenge."

Is rugby a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'rugby' is a common noun; a general word for a game or sport played by two teams.

Is there a rugby game for psp?

sory, there no rugby game for psp,but rugby rock i play it everyday in school.

What is the latin word for rugby?

Rugby was not played in ancient Rome, therefore there is no Latin word for rugby

How did the English come up with rugby?

the game was played in the form of murderball in rugby school warwickshire, england in 1823. In 1845 the game was formalised and its rules created to standardise the playing rules.

Where the term rugby came from?

From the town Rugby where it originated. where is rugby come from

Is there going to be another rugby game for the ps3?

Only Rugby league game. No rugby till end of 2014

When did Rugby - video game - happen?

Rugby - video game - happened in 2001.

The french word for rugby?

le rugby

Is rugby called football in England?

No. Rugby is refered to as Rugby or Rugby Football. The latter being the name of the game in its earliest years when the Rugby game was derived from football (soccer)

Will there ever be a Rugby game for PS3?

Yes, HB Studios are releasing a rugby game in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, called Rugby 2012.

Is rugby Australian?

No, The game originated in Rugby , England

What is mounted rugby?

The game of rugby mounted on a horse.

Release date of rugby 09?

there will no rugby game pass rugby 08

Is there a rugby game Nintendo Wii?

The only rugby game on wii I know is rugby league 3, 2 or 1. They are awesome!