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The Ashes cricket tournament is held between two teams Australia & England. These games are held either in Australia or in England. Some of the great venues that have hosted Ashes tournament matches are: Sydney, Melbourne, Lords etc.

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They,are kept at Lords(the home of Cricket)

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Q: Where does the the ashes urn cricket history kept?
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Where are the ashes kept in the MCG?

The ashes urn is not exactly kept in mcg but at the mcc cricket museum at lords.... along with the score card of the match in 1882

What is inside the urn that holds cricket's Ashes?

The Ashes urn is reputed to contain a burnt item of cricket equipment, possibly a bail,ball or stump.

What is the dispute about the cricket ashes urn?

a English cricketers ashes were taken to Australia

Which series was the Ashes urn presented to the English Cricket team?


When The Ashes was invented?

The Ashes tournament was first opened in 1882. The urn specifically which the tournament name derives from is known as The Ashes Urn, and is reputed to contain the burned remains of a cricket ball.

What is a word meaning a vase in which the ashes of a dead person are kept?


Where do the Australians keep the ashes when they win them?

Although the "Ashes" are won and lost, the urn normally remains in the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum at Lord's (London). A replica is used to "hold up" in Ashes matches - it is the symbolism of winning (and the history that goes with it) that matters not the actual original ashes urn which is too precious to move around. Thus in answer to your question, the Australians keep them at Lord's.

England and Australia play cricket for what prize?

The Ashes Urn. (A small cup with ash in it). MiniGenius™

How big is the cricket ashes trophy?

The urn itself is made of terracotta and is about six inches (15 cm) tall.

Ashes is associated with hockey or soccer?

Neither. It is associated with Cricket. It is a competition between England and Australia which origianated when the wickets were burned and the ashes were put into a small urn.

Who are studds steel read and tylecote on the ashes urn?

studds were d brother who played for england and have their own great history with ashes,

Which trophy do England and south Africa play for in test cricket?

It is a common misconception that when England and Australia compete against each other in a Cricket Test Match series they are competing for the Ashes urn as the trophy.In fact England compete with Australia for a Waterford Crystal Urn Trophy which was designed to symbolise the original "Ashes" urn, that was given to the England captain Ivo Bligh as a gift after his successful tour of Australia.The original wooden Ashes Urn has never been the official trophy for the test series between England and Australia, although many English and Australian fans believe that it is the small wooden urn, that should be the real trophy for the test series between their countries.For a detailed account of the Ashes story and folklore see