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The song is Hokey Pokey and that is the name of the song

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Q: Where does the song hockey cokey come from?
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How do you sing the hokey cokey in french?

In French, the "Hokey Cokey" song is called "La Danse des Canards." You would simply sing the lyrics in French instead of English while following the same dance instructions.

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What is the process for making a shrine to Ebola-Chan?

You put your left hand in. You take your left hand out. You do the hockey cokey and you turn around. Thats what its all aboot. Aaae!

When was The Hockey Song created?

The Hockey Song was created in 1973.

Is the Chicken Dance song in the public domain?

In the US, Hokey Pokey is not PD. In the UK, "Hokey Cokey" IS in the public domain. Both have the same melody and lyrics, with the exception of "cokey vs pokey"... no, it makes no sense, but it's true.

When was Song Qingling - field hockey - born?

Song Qingling - field hockey - was born in 1986.

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The Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connors

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Where did the rules from floor hockey come from?

ice hockey

Song before North Dakota hockey games?

Thunderstruck (song)

What is the song that is like chucky slick's hockey song?

Livin' The Dream

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Hockey- Too Fake