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In most cases, the second baseman will be covering 2nd base on a hit or fly out to LF.

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Q: Where does the second baseman stand when receiving a throw from LF?
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When an outfielder throws the ball to second base and the throw pulls the second baseman off the bag and the second baseman doesn't catch the ball and the runner is safe who is charged with the error?

second base man- as long as the outfielders throw was decnt and in his range. if not, well the outfielder.

Who backs second baseman up on a throw from a stolen base?

the shortstop

When there is a runner on first and the batter hits a ground ball to the first baseman should the first baseman throw the ball to second?

If the first baseman has time they should tag the runner. If the runner is already too far they should throw it. If the first baseman is close to first, they should step on first and then throw the ball to the shortstop at second. Note: Tagging first base first takes away the force out at second and the runner must then be tagged. They are also allowed to return to first base.

Where should the third baseman stand with a runner at third stand to catch a pickoff throw from the catcher?

A few feet behind the runner when they lead off. The shortstop could loop around instead of the third baseman if you want it to be a surprise.

Who covers first base on a double play when the ball is hit to first baseman?

That depends on where the 1st baseman fields the ball. If the 1st baseman can field the ball, throw to second, and have enough time to get safely back to the base to catch the return throw, then (s)he will cover. If not, then it is the responsibility of the pitcher.

Which of the players on a baseball team stand on the mound?

The pitcher. Also, the 1st baseman will stand on the mound to cut off a throw from the outfield to home plate.

Who does the pitcher throw to for a double play... second baseman or shortstop?

The pitcher could throw to either the 2nd baseman or the shortstop; but the ideal situation would be the shortstop. The momentum of the shortstop traveling to 2nd leaves him in a better position to make the throw to 1st and complete the double play.

Who takes the throw at second base on a double steal?

it would be the same as a regular steal. if a left handed batter is up then the shortstop would take the throw, if a right handed batter is up then the second baseman would get the throw

What is it called when a player hits a softball in the infield for a home run?

It was not a home run. It was a hit with many errors. Say you hit a ground ball to 3rd and the 3rd baseman over throws the throw to 1st, then you run to second, if the 1st baseman overs throws, or under throws, the throw to second you can go to 3rd if they over throw 3rd you go home.

Can you fake a throw to second base and run toward the runner?

if you are a baseman then yes you can. the pitcher i think can as well

When you are a first baseman and warming up which positions do you throw ground balls to and what order?

Second, short, third. Repeat.

If the bases are loaded with one out and the ball is hit to the first baseman what does the pitcher do?

Regardless of the situation, if the ball is hit on the ground to the right side of the infield the pitcher's duty is to run to first base and be ready to take a throw. In this situation, there are two possible actions the first baseman could take ... 1) Throw the ball to second base in an attempt to start a double play. If this is the case, the first baseman will need to turn his body towards second base to throw. This means it will take him longer to get back to first base to take the return throw. If the pitcher is hustling towards first base chances are he will get there before the first baseman will. 2) Throw the ball home in an attempt to start a double play but at least to get the lead runner and stop a run from scoring. In this case, the first baseman will turn his body towards home plate to make the throw. He may be able to get back to first base in time to take the return throw and if he can, he will yell to the pitcher that he is going to take the throw from the catcher. In this case, it is usually easier for the first basemen to take the throw as the pitcher's momentum takes him away from the throw and he will have to turn his body when he gets to first base to face the catcher. Of course, all this depends on where the first baseman fields the ball. If he fields it very close to first base, he will cover for the return throw regardless of whether he throws to second or throws home.

Who covers second base on a ball hit it the right side of field?

On a ball hit on the ground to a right side infielder, that would be the shortstop. The shortstop would be running to the second base in such a way that they would be facing a throw from the first baseman, unlike the second baseman who would be running to the base and have their back to the first baseman. On a ball hit to right field, in the ground or in the air, the shortstop would also be the player to cover second base as the second baseman would run into short right field to act as a cutoff.

Can you get a rbi when batter is safe by a fielding error?

if the out would be the third no, it is up to the descrestion of the scorekeeper for example, if there was a runner on third with one out and you bunted the and the third baseman overthrew first, then it would be an rbi, but if the second baseman missed the throw to the first baseman with two outs, then there would be no rbi

Who plays 2nd base when the ball goes to the left field?

When a ball is hit into left field it is the shortstop's job to act as a cutoff man while the second baseman covers second base and when the ball is hit to right field it is the second baseman's job to act as a cutoff unless the play is at home then the outfielder will throw to the first baseman as a middle man while the shortstop covers second base. Now if the ball is hit to center field then it is the shortstop's job to cutoff unless again the play is at home then the first baseman is the cutoff.

Does the runner need to be out in order to be a fielder's choice?

No, if there is a runner on first and the second baseman fields the ball and throws it to the shortstop, who muffs the play and allows both the runner and batter to advance/reach safely, the play would be ruled a fielder's choice and an error. It would still count as an at-bat and a non-hit for the batter, just as if the second-baseman had muffed the throw to the first-baseman with nobody on base.

Why do they not throw it too first baseman after a strike out?

Because it has always been considered "bad luck" to throw the ball to the first baseman. Same reason that the third baseman always gives the ball to the pitcher after throwing it around - bad luck for anyone else to do so.

Who throws the ball to the first baseman after and inning of play?

I believe you're talking about between innings when they throw around the practice balls. The first baseman throws grounders to the other infielders (2nd, SS, 3rd) and they scoop up the ground ball and throw it back to the first baseman.

Why does First baseman glove have a round edge?

To give the first baseman a better chance of digging a throw out of the dirt and controlling it in the glove.

Where does a ballplayer throw the ball after an out is made?

He throws it to the 3rd baseman.

Why don't teams shift right handed hitters the way they shift lefties?

The main issue is that first base is on the right side, so you can't apply the same shift to a righty as you would to a lefty. A real dramatic shift on a left handed hitter like Ryan Howard has the third baseman playing at about the shortstop position, the shortstop playing closer to the second baseman's usual position, the second baseman playing in right field, the right fielder playing in very deep right field, and the first baseman guarding the line. You can't do the same for a righty. On a right handed pure pull hitter, the third baseman may guard the line, the shortstop will move towards third, and the second baseman will be behind the bag. But the first baseman must be close enough to first to handle a throw. And the shortstop can't play in left field, because he'd be too far away from first base to throw the guy out. So you can't shift a righty nearly as dramatically as you can shift a lefty.

Can there be an assist on an error in baseball?

Yes. If the official scorer deems that an out would have been made had another fielder not made an error after the player who would have gotten the assist played the ball, the assist is given. If the first baseman drops a throw from an infielder that would have made an out on a ground ball, the infielder is given an assist and the first baseman is given an error. If the catcher throws a perfect strike to second base to catch a runner stealing and the second baseman drops the ball allowing the runner to be safe when he would have been out by five feet, the catcher is given an assist and the second baseman is given an error.

Who has the farthest throw on a baseball field?

It would it be the right fielder due to having to potentially throw to third baseman.

How fast does a 3rd baseman throw the ball to 1st?

75 mph

What is the role of a first baseman in softball?

in softball, a first baseman has to: -cover their base when a ball is hit to the infield and prepare for the throw -charge when the batter squares to bunt -be able to catch a ball that is coming at them really fast either from the third baseman, shortstop, or second baseman -be able to get to their base really quickly in case you are getting ready to catch a throw from the catcher if they are trying to pick off the person at first base -be able to catch wild throws anywhere within 5 square feet of the base this is what a first baseman has to do in order to be a good softball player. :D