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In ancient Greece every four years all wars would be put on hold while the Olympic games took place.

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Q: Where does the olympics bring peace?
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How did Olympics come out?

The Olympics first started to build up and show of the greek mens physical ability and bring peace between the cities in Greece The Olympics first started to build up and show of the greek mens physical ability and bring peace between the cities in Greece

How did the Olympics in ancient Greece help bring more peace to the competing city states?

There was peace for the few days of the festival games. Then the city-states went back to their habitual warfare.

Why did Baron Pierre de Coubertin invent the modern Olympics?

. As a revival for physical exercise . To bring peace and reunite athletes around the world

How do you bring the Olympics to your city?

You probably can't just bring the Olympics to your city. There is probably a group who choses where the Olympics are staged next.

What is the verb for peace?

To bring peace is to pacify.

When did the US Olympics start?


What is the Olympics all about?

friendship and peace

What does the Olympics symbolize?

world peace

Why is Olympics not a waste of money?

The Olympics bring tourism and there awseome

How do you bring peace in the world?

no such thing Many people wish and try to bring peace in the world. If it is impossible for a single person, we may try to bring peace in our surroundings.

What to bring and not to bring in Olympic event?

bring peace to the olympic games :)

How does the Olympics bring countries together?

it does because all the country's to meet and that is a good way of bring the world together and that is at the Olympics

How did the Olympics bring the world together?

bring people together . c:

Why do they release the doves in the summer Olympics but not the winter Olympics?

to symbolise peace between the continents

What sport did Britain bring to the Olympics?


Was gabby father at the Olympics?

he he peace sup maybe

What did the pax romana do?

Bring peace

What did the Confucius believe would bring peace to Chinese society?

what did the confucius believe would bring peace to the chinese society

Why are there ancient and modern Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were used as a way to avoid war when it came to dividing up territory. The modern Olympics is done to bring together the nations in peace and unity even though we all know it's so that we can have pride in our nation for kicking the crap out of everyone else.

What were the terms of the peace conference?

he peace conference is based on peace and mainly to bring out peace feeling among some people

What are peace overtures?

They are people who want to bring peace through song and dance.

What does the doves mean at the Olympics?

They mean peace for all the countries.

In A Separate Peace what did Phineas try to train gene for?

the Olympics

How did the Iroquois bring peace to their people?


Why is the Olympics important to the world?

The Olympics are important to the world because, they are an event that brings peace to five entire continents.