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the olympic torch relay takes place in the United Kingdom

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Q: Where does the olympic torch relay take place?
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When did the first Olympic Torch Relay take place?


Where does the oylmpic torch travel?

The olympic flame is lit in Olympia month before the games, the exact route the torch takes is up to the individual Olympic organizing committees, however after the protests in Europe with the Beijing torch, the IOC has now said that after the greek leg, the enitre torch relay must take place in the host country.

What year did the first torch relay take place?


Does the torch relay for the Olympics take place what ever the weather?


Who invented the first Olympic torch?

In the sanctuary of Olympia, where the ancient Games took place, a flame burnt permanently on the altar of the goddess Hestia, but transportation of the flame to the site of the modern Olympics did not happen until the 1936 Games in Berlin. It was Carl Diem, Hitler's Games organizer, who proposed a torch relay from the site of the ancient flame. Today, the International Olympic Committee says that the torch "transmits a message of peace and friendship amongst peoples". Extra info; The organizers of the London 2012 Olympics will however most likely bring to an end the torch relay as we know it. The new plan is to take the Olympic torch on a "sports heritage" tour of Britain in 2012, rather than a round-the-world relay under a plan being touted by embattled Olympic chiefs. Worried about the damage caused by Beijing's controversial international relay, which became a focus of violent protests by Free Tibet protesters, they want a gentler countdown to the 2012 Games in London. Instead of being carried through global capitals and trouble spots, the torch could instead take in classic British sporting venues in 2012.

How long does the torch relay take?

It takes over 100 days to complete the relay

What kind of transportation does the olympic torch take?

by the atheletes kiss me!

How is the Olympic torch transportd to each Olympic games?

Lots of different people carry it from some some were and take it to the games

In which country next olympic take place?

in which country next olympic will take place ?

Where do most olympic games take place?

Olympic games can take place anywhere in the world. Past Olympic games have been in Atlanta, GA, Russia, Beijing, and Greece.

When did operation torch take place?

8 - 16 November 1942 .

Why was it important that the 2004 Olympic Games take place in Athens?

That is where the Olympic Games started.

Where did the first olympic take place?


When will winter Olympic take place?


Where did Olympic take place in 2008?


Where did the ancient Olympic game take place?

it took place in Olympia

How many Winter Olympic games have taken place to date?

The winter Olympics in 2010 are the 21st Olympic games to take place.

Where did the opening ceremony of the 2012 olympic games take place?

The olympic stadium in the City of London

Where did the first olympic game take place?

The first Olympic game was taken place in Greece

When did the Ancient Olympic Games Take Place?

It took place in 776 B.C.

Does the Olympic truce still take place?


Why do the olympic games take place?

to celebrate sports

When and where did the revival of the olympic games take place?


Where did the olympic take place in 1980?

new york

Where will the next olympic games take place?