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Baseball, Umpires and MudMajor League Baseball use Louisiana mud or Mississippi mud to rub baseball i know because i work for a team as the bat boy.
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Q: Where does the mud umpires rub on baseballs before games come from?
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I don't know if it is an official rule but the umpires are always the ones that rub the balls down with the mud before the game.CORRECT ANSWER...(07/02/2011 @ 9:58 PM CDT)The answer listed above is incorrect. The balls come to the MLB already prepared with he special "mud." The company that provides them uses a very rare mud (which is obtained from an 'undisclosed' location - a well kept secret).The only thing that happens "before" the game is the home team prepares the balls by storing them in a climate controlled room, with a very specific temperature and humidity setting.The umpires themselves have no impact or involvement whatsoever in preparing the balls themselves, other than to provide the balls to the pitcher / catcher throughout the game.

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