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Q: Where does the force come from when you kick a football?
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Where does force come into play with soccer?

when you kick the ball.

What are some examples of sports that use force?

Badminton - Force required to hit the shuttlecock Tennis - Force required to hit the ball Football - Force required to kick the ball Rugby - Force required to throw/kick the ball

Where did the game football come from?

it came from a group of 11 boys kick a stone about and it beacame football

If you kick a football hard enough will it never come down?

in order for it to never come down, it would have to leave earths atmosphere. this would be impossible for a human to do because they could not produce enough force for it to do that.

Does football have any simple machines in it?

The machine is a football because you can throw it and kick it and a machine is a thing that needs force to help complete a task.

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

What do you do with footballs?

In American football (gridine) you kick and throw it. In Irish football (gaelic) you kick, hanball and throw it. Soccer - Kick and Throw Aussie Rules - Kick, HAndball, SMILE!!!!

Can you get me some cheats for football academy ds?

there is one which is kick the football as you kick it click the r button

What will happen if you kick a soccer ball?

Kicking a soccer ball will propel it forward with force, causing it to move in the direction of the kick. The force of the kick will also determine the speed and trajectory of the ball.

How do football and football work together?

you kick them bofe

Which England football team play silly football?

man utd play silly football they don`t know how to kick a football or take a free kick