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While in defense sometimes you will play zone which means you don't have a man but an area. There are 5 places for zone the two top corners of the key the bottom two corners of the key and the center of the key. The center is in the center of the key except for when one of your teammates on the corner leaves there area to try to take the Basketball. You go in there area until they come back. The center can also be called the plug.

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The diameter of the center court circle in the NBA and WNBA is 12 feet. In FIBA (the International Basketball Federation) the circle is slightly smaller with a diameter of 11.81 feet.

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Half court.

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Q: Where does the center play at on the basketball court?
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What do you play basketball on?

a basketball court

Where you play basket ball?

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What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What is the name for the field of play for basketball?

Basketball Court

How many players play on the floor at a time in basketball?

There are 5 players on the court. 2 guards, 2 forwards, and a center.

What is the Circumference of center circle on a basketball court?

The center circle on an NBA regulation basketball court has a circumference of 37.7 feet (37 feet 8.4 inches).

Where you play basketball?

in the court :P

What is the play area for basketball?

the court

What equipment did girls use to play basketball in the 1900s?

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

What are the benefits of a basketball court?

The benefits of a basketball court range from being able to play basketball to being able to have a nice place to exercise. If you love basketball, the benefits are endless. The main benefit is just so you can play the game of basketball.

Where does the Center stand in a 2-3 play in basketball?

At the center of the key.