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Lillian Garcia lives in New York City.

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Q: Where does lilian Garcia that is in wwe live?
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Was WWE'S Lilian Garcia a Diva?

Lilian is considered a WWE Diva

Is lilian garcia leaving the WWE?

she is leaveing wwe soon so no

Why did Lilian Garcia leave the WWE?

To pursue her singing career .

What is Lilian Garcia famous for?

Lilian Garcia is famous for her career in the World Wrestling Entertainment as a ring announcer. She is also a singer and has performed many times on the WWE.

Why isn't lilian garcia in WWE raw a an announcer?

Lillian has left the wwe to pursue her singing career

Is lilian Garcia getting married?

YES!!!!!! and thatz why she is leaving WWE *tear* :-(

Why did Lilian Garcia leave WWE?

She left to get married and to persue her singing career.

Who sings crash holly's WWE theme song?

Lilian Garcia does

Is lillian Garcia dating anyone?

according to wikipedia Lilian Garcia was married and then divorced and is now curently dating outside the WWE.

When was lilian Garcia born?

Lilian Garcia was born on August 19, 1966.

What is Lilian Garcia's birthday?

Lilian Garcia was born on August 19, 1966.

Are Trish and Torrie best friends forever?

No, but they were good friends when both in WWE. Trish' best friend is Lilian Garcia and one of Torrie's is Victoria (the WWE Diva).