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Q: Where does dane sanzenbacher rank among the 40 yard dash times?
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How do you convert 50 yard dash times to 40 yard dash times?


What is the average time for a 40 yard dash for a 8 year old?

My brother dane is 8 and he ran it in a 5.94 but he is really fast. I am 11 and i ran it in 5.17

How do you convert 40 yard dash times into 60 yard dash times?

You can't. It would be like extrapolating a marathon time from a mile time.

Average time for 40 yard dash?

40 yard dash times vary among positions. Usually, "skill" players (running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs) average around 4.4-4.5 seconds, whereas bulkier players (linemen) average around 5.0 seconds.

What are michael johnson's fastest times in the 200 meter dash?


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What are the current winning times for mens 200 meter dash in the Olympics?


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What is the location for the fuse that allows the dash lights to come on?

Many times the dash lights and tailights use the same fuse. If that does not work, check you headlight switch.

What is qualifying times for Olympics 100 meter dash?

depends on the country depends on the country

What are some good times for a seventh grader for the 200 meter dash?

25 seconds

Who is faster Peterson or bush?

Reggie Bush has a faster 40 yard dash times.

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