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On the right side of the plate.

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Q: Where does a right hand batter stand at home plate?
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What happens if a batter puts his hand in the strike zone and gets hit by the ball?

This will be considered a strike. The player was on the plate or in the way of the plate.

Why do they change pitchers to pitch to a right hand or left hand batter?

Right handed hitters see the ball better when a left handed pitcher is throwing it, as the ball is coming from the opposite side of the plate from the batter's perspective. The same goes for left handed hitters vs. right handed pitchers. This makes switch hitters a valuable commodity in baseball.

What does rhs stand for in maths?

Right Hand Side [of an equation]

Is Derek Jeter left handed?

Right HandedNo. Derek Jeter is a right handed batter, and throws with his right hand.

Where does the groom stand during a wedding?

In general, on the right-hand side of the bride.

What is difference in a right and left hand tub?

When you stand at the side of the tub, is the drain on the right, or the left?

What do you call the right side of a ship?

When you stand on the ship and face the bow, the right-hand side is "starboard". The left-hand side is "port".

The right part of the ship?

As you stand on a ship and face the prow, the left hand side is called Port and the right hand side is called Starboard.

How do you hold a left hand bow?

If you are left eye dominant, then you would stand with your right hip to the target and you would hold your bow with your right hand.

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Her torch signifies ENLIGHTENMENT

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What side of the plate should a right hander hit from?

Left if you're looking at it from where the catcher stands. The left. That way your left hand is guiding the bat and your right hand is powering it.

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