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A referee can go anywhere on the pitch, they are constantly on the move. They just have to stand in a position where they have a clear view of the ball.

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Q: Where does a referee stand on a soccer field?
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Where to stand on a soccer field as a referee?

Close to the action but not so close as to get in the way.

What does the referee do on a soccer field?

looks for fouls and reffs

Position of referee during the soccer game?

All over the field.

What are structures of a soccer game?

the net the players the referee the field the ball

Who is in charge of the players safety on a soccer field?

The players themselves and the referee, but accidents can happen so there is alway a team doctor, physio and paramedics on stand by.

What are the people running around on the soccer field giving penelty cards?


How many men on a soccer field?

23.... 11 from each Team and the Referee.

Can a linesman soccer make a call on the field?

In the end it's the referee and ONLY the referee who makes the call, but if a linesman sees something illegal on the field he can raise his flag to notify the referee that he has seen something and then tell the referee what he saw.

How many referees on a soccer field?

There is 1 referee on a soccer field. Three others are along the touch lines, two assistants and a fourth official.

What do you call the referee of soccer?


What does LF stand for soccer?

Left field

In soccer what would happen if an assistant referee strayed over the touch line on to the field of play and on to the field of play and the ball rebounded off him and stayed on the field of play?

Play continues. The assistant referee is considered part of the field just like the referee. You may be sure that the referee will address this inattentiveness issue with the assistant referee at the half or after the match.

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