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There are no cards......

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Something bad

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how did you get that answer
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Q: What happens if the referee forgot his cards (soccer)?
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What are the people running around on the soccer field giving penelty cards?


What does a referee take on to a soccer pitch?

whistle, red and yellow cards and clothes

Which soccer match has produced the most yellow and red cards?

The most yellow card and red cards in match was when it was Portugal V netherland. 16 YELLOW CARDS AND 4 RED CARDS OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD. The referee was Valentin Ivanov from Russia

If you have 152 cards and some are baseball and some are soccer and you have 22 more soccer how many soccer cards do you have?

You will have 66 baseball cards and 86 soccer cards.

How many yellow cards can a referee issue in a single international soccer match?

Every player on both teams can be given a yellow card if the referee thinks they deserve it, but for one player only two can be given then they will be sent off.

When did red cards come out in soccer?

Red cards where first introduced in 1966 by referee Ken Aston, who devised the idea to help communicate bookings and sendings-off in a manner that would traverse language barriers.

How can a player get a red card in soccer?

You can get a red card in soccer by committing violent conduct, attacking the referee, spitting on a player, abusive language/gestures, deliberate and illegal obstruction of the goal, or by accumulating two yellow cards.

What is the penalty for not reporting a goalie change to the referee in soccer?

According to the Laws of the Game, this would be sanctioned by cautioning the goalie and the player that switched and showing them both yellow cards.

Did any football referee give a red card to himself?

A referee can only show cards to players, and since the referee himself is not a player he cannot receive red cards. A referee may remove themselves of their duties if they are unable to continue.

Can the sidelines referee give cards?

No, they can't. Only referees can give cards. However, a sideline can suggest to th referee that a player should be booleed or sent off. But the referee takes the final decision

What happens when you get two red cards in soccer?

In football(British word for soccer) a red card means you get sent off for the rest of the game! So if you get a red card at minute 2 then you cant come on for the rest of the game. The same happens if you get 2 yellow cards.

How many cards are there in soccer?

two cards

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