Where do you keep your paintballs?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Paintballs are tempermental when it comes to weather. Therefore leaving paintballs in the sun will make them swell, and in the cold will skrink them. The best place would be in a basement, that is slightly cooler then room temperature.

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Q: Where do you keep your paintballs?
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How big mm are 0.68 paintballs in mm?

Roughly 16mm, but keep in mind that I got that measurement by measuring a few paintballs I had, so it may not be correct.

When was A Fistful of Paintballs created?

A Fistful of Paintballs was created on 2011-05-05.

Are all paintballs the same size?

no, there are different paintballs for different types of guns

Can red and pink and black paintballs go bad?

All paintballs can go bad, however no paintballs are allowed to have red, pink or black fill.

Can you use different paintballs in an opus-a kingman spyder?

No. only .50 caliber paintballs.

Is there antifreeze in recseries paintballs?

There is no antifreeze in any paintballs. Trying to freeze paintballs will ruin their structural integrity, causing them to become brittle shelled, and overly viscus in the center.

Are impact paintballs oil based?

Most paintballs are made of a lard/animal fat mixture. Although just recently a company developed water based paintballs.

When was For a Few Paintballs More created?

For a Few Paintballs More was created on 2011-05-12.

Why are monster paintballs bad?

Monster paintballs are considered the worst paintballs because they not only stain clothes, but they do not break easily, causing the shooter to not get a hit, and the receiver to be in a lot of pain.

Are paintballs made with soap?

No, they are not.

Do paintballs taste good?


What do you measure the size of paintballs in?

Caliber, which is in inches in diameter. For instance paintballs are .685 caliber: .685 inches in diameter, from one end, through the middle, to the other. Paintballs vary in size by +/- .020 or so.