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Q: Where do you go to play ball?
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Players may or may not go outside of the boundary lines to play the ball?

may play the ball but better to let it go out of bounce and score a point

Is the play ruled dead if the ball goes under a feilders shirt?

No because he's still in play so the ball is too. he just has to get it out and go

How do you play paint ball in belgium?

Go to the related links.

Can baby hamsters go in a play ball?

nope its to DANGEROUS

Does heat effect the distance a golf ball travels?

Yes it does. If it is warmer the ball will go further, also if you are higher up the ball will go further as the air is thinner. When its cold it is better to heat up your golf ball before you play as it will go further.

Play level 13 in red ball?

actually do not go on to cuz u cant play the 13 - 17 levels you actually have to go to and play it there and that is the onl answer never play it on cuz it doesnt work or not that i know of

Do not play ball games near water?

because if u fall u will go after the ball and jump in the water

How can you play with yourself as a girl?

grab a bat and ball and go nuts!

Ball out of bounds play provisional ball?

Yes, if you think you have hit your ball in play out of bounds you must play a provisional ball from the exact same spot as where you played the previous shot from. However, if you know the ball is out of bounds the next ball you play becomes the ball in play.

What are Stephanie Meyers hobbies?

She likes to play soccer,basket ball,vally ball and likes to go shoping with her friends.

What is a let in volleyball?

A let is when the ball is served into play and the ball hits the top of the net but continues to go over the net. The ball continues to be played without stoppage.

How many bases can a softball batter get if it is over thrown?

If the overthrow causes the ball to go out of play, the runner earns one base. If the ball stays in play after the overthrow, the runner isn't earned anything. As long as the ball is in play, the fielder always has an opportunity to pick up the ball and throw a runner out if the runner tries to advance.

Outfielder knocks ball out of play baserunner past second what base does he go to?


Do you throw a real ball when you play Pokemon GO?

No. You can simply swipe your finger upwards on the phone's screen.

Is soft ball just for girls?

Soft ball is not just for girls,it can also be for boys.Sometimes boys favorite sport is soft ball.When they go to the beach it's probably a net the boys may play soft ball over.Girls may want to play soft ball also when they are in their running shoes,in there shorts and in their tang tops.Both boys and girls can play soft ball it's not only for girls.

What happens if the billiards cue ball and another ball go in a pocket together?

If the cue ball goes in it is a foul - the pocketed ball may or may not be removed and spotted depending upon the ball and rules of play. In the game of 8 ball, if the other ball is the 8 ball it is loss of game.

What is matball?

mat ball is just like kick ball but you have to go around the bases twice and if the ball hits theceiling you are out you play the game with a volleyball and you are only allowed two fowls

If a field goal comes up short and stays in the field of play and the defense doesn't recover the ball where is the ball placed?

it is a touch back and the ball go out to the 20 yeard line

What is the best way to get good at catching with both hands in lacrosse?

Play wall ball. Go on youtube and search lacrosse wall ball routine for the best wall ball workouts.

What is a good way to recognize prepositions?

Let's play tennis! A good way to recognize prepositions is to imagine a tennis net. Now think of a tennis ball as a preposition (e.g., the ball can go "through" the net, the ball can go "over" the net)

Can hamsters play ball?

they cant play ball even with their shizz

When is the ball in play on a free kick?

The ball is in play when it is kicked and moves.

What is rubbed onto the cue to play billiards?

magic stuff that makes the ball go farther

What kind of ball are to play wall ball?

rubber bouncy ball

Does the baseball go faster towards homeplate or when it is hit back into the field of play?

here is an example of mass and velocity. The mass of the ball does not change, thrown by a pitcher, the ball can never go the distance that a well hit ball can, to, it has to be the upsurge in speed by being hit.