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You go to a gymnastics gym, with a certified coach or spotter.

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Q: Where do you go if you want to try gymnastics uneven bars?
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Where can you get gymnastics dounoughts?

Try Craigslist.

How is gymnastics cheerleading the same?

It's NOT!!!! I personally think that gymnastics is much harder than cheerleading. I did gymnastics since i was small. I made it on team when i was 7, but decied not to join, cause it seemed time consuming. But gymnastics, you have to be very strong, flexible, not scared to try new stuff, and balanced. In gymnastics you have vaut, beam, bars,and floor. In cheer you have cheers, dance, tumbling and stunting. Plus you don't wear shoes in gymnastics. They are the same because they both have tumbling, and they both learn routines, and that's about it.

How to be better at Gymnastics?

Try to stretch everyday

Where you can buy gymnastics leotards in Canberra?

You can usually purchase gymnastics leotards at your local gymnastics club, although they dont have very much variety. If u want a bigger choice i suggest u buy them online... try checking out the local classifieds website.

How do you learn gymnastics?

how do you learn gymnastics in a day? I don't think you can do that no offense but if you try you are liable to get hurt :(

Who can you ask a gymnastics question?

You could ask wiki answers or you could ask me. I do gymnastics, try me.

Who was the first one that tried gymnastics?

The Greeks were the first ones to try and succeed at gymnastics. **Your Welcome!**

Im 14 am i too old to start gymnastics?

For competitive gymnastics it may be a little hard to start at that age, but if you're just looking for fun gymnastics its never to late to start. Competitive gymnastics is better when you start early, but if you have any kind of background in flipping sports, you may want to give it a try.

Can everyone do gymnastics?

to participate in gymnastics, you must be some what fit and have the willingness to try hard. Gymnastics takes a lot of metal strength along with physical.

Where is the best place to get a gymnastics leotard?


If you are around 14 can you still try out gymnastics?


Is age 13 to old to start gymnastics?

13 is DEFINATLEY not too old to start gymnastics! If you really want to do gymnastics, go for it! You can still learn the skills and compete if you want to. I am 13 and started when I was 11. Yes, it is kind of harder when you are older, but don't let that or anything else discourage you! There are recreational programs for older/teenage beginning students at most gyms, you should try to get into one of those. Gymnastics is such a rewarding sport, you're never to old to do. And who knows, you might learn fast and surprise yourself! You'll love it if you give it a try, I promise. Good luck!

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