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which one?

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โˆ™ 2005-09-26 17:21:09
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Q: Where do you find rikishi theme?
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What is the name of rikishi's old theme song?

2 Be Cool

Where can you find pictures of Rikishi Phatu?

You can find pictures of Rikishi Phatu by browsing the sites listed in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

Who sings wwf too cool theme song?

rikishi and his group

Is Rikishi dead?

No, Rikishi is not dead.

Who are umaga and rikishi to each other?

Umaga is the nephew of Rikishi. Making Rikishi Umaga's uncle

Is the rock and rikishi cousins?

No they are brothers it is on Rikishi's biography.

Is rikishi related toumaga?

Rikishi was Umagas brother

Is umaga rikishi?

no umaga and rikishi are brothers and the rock is their cousin

Is The Usos Rikishi's son's?

Yes, The Usos are Rikishi's sons

What job does WWE rikishi has?

Rikishi doesnt work for the WWE.

When was Rikishi - film - created?

Rikishi - film - was created in 2004.

Are WWE superstars rikishi and yokozuna brothers?

no rikishi and yokozuna are cousins

Did Rikishi from WWE die?

Rikishi DID NOT die. He currently wrestles in Japan.

Did Rikishi die?

No, Solofa Fatu Jr., also known as Rikishi did not die.

Is Umaga related to Rikishi?

yes they are related umaga and rikishi are brothers,belive it or not

Does Rikishi have kids?

Yes, Solofa Fatu (aka. Rikishi) has five children.

Is WWE umaga WWE rikishi's son?

Umaga was not Rikishi's son but his brother.

Where is the WWE superstar Rikishi?

Rikishi is currently retired from wrestling and residing in Poinciana, Florida.

Why did rikishi give people the stinkface?

Rikishi said that he did it to humiliate his opponent and to entertain the crowds.

Why did rikishi quit the WWE?

Rikishi left the WWE because he was no longer as physically fit as he should have been to wrestle. Rikishi left the WWE in 20047 and returned in 2012.

Is umagas brother rikishi?

they are brothers, rikishi is still alive and they ar the rocks coisons. funny hay

What is Rikishi's birthday?

Samoan wrestler Rikishi (Solofa Fatu, Jr.) was born October 11, 1965.

Does Rikishi wrestle anymore?

No :(

Is Rikishi alive?


Where is rikishi now?

In Gergia