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Normally on the sides close to the bottom and other times on the bottom of the tank so hydraulic forces do not lift the tank up ALL depends on the situation at hand there is no set of rules as far as I know

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Q: Where do you drill holes in barrel that holds sump pump?
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Should you drill holes in your sump pump pit liner?

If you have a underground seepage problem

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Easy my friend, You just take the sling swivel off the front with a screwdriver and the pump handle plus a small steel washer just pulls off. Under the barrel is a pipe looking thing with 4 holes in it the handle slides on. Find a punch or screwdriver that fits NEATLY into these holes (a good fit is important or you'll wreck the tube). Poke the screwdriver through two of these holes and use it as a spanner to un-screw it (anti-clockwise of course). The thread is long but once it's out the barrel simply pulls out.

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remove alternator and bracket.with a drill bit smaller in size than he the thread on the broken bolt, carefully drill broken part of bolt that is still in engine.then use an" easy out " to remove broken" easy out" can be purchased with the correct size drill bit if you know the bolt size.

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