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Either on a track outside or in a gym/indoor track.

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Q: Where do you do pole vaulting?
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What country is the best at pole vaulting?

pole vaulting is the best in the united states.

What is the length of pole in pole vaulting?

The length of a pole in vaulting varies based on skill and experience. Pole range anywhere from 8-18 feet.

What is the history of polevaulting?

Click on the 'History of Pole Vaulting' link on this page to read about the history of pole vaulting.

What are pole vaulting poles made of?

Typically Pole Vaulting Poles are made of either fiber glass or carbon fiber.

What is the girls pole vaulting record?

the girls pole vaulting record is 5.05m by Yelena Isinbayeva from Russia in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics

At what age did Steve Hooker start pole vaulting?

Steve Hooker started pole vaulting when he was just five years of age

When was pole vaulting invented?


What are the release dates for Pole Vaulting at Columbia University - 1899?

Pole Vaulting at Columbia University - 1899 was released on: USA: April 1899

What has the author H Palfreman written?

H. Palfreman has written: 'Pole vaulting for beginners' -- subject(s): Pole Vaulting : Study and Teaching

What is the death toll in pole vaulting?

There have been 16 recorded deaths since 1988. Pole vaulting is considered a high risk sport and should be undertaken with caution.

How old do you have to be to start pole vaulting?


Who started pole vaulting?

black jack

What are the rules in pole vaulting?

dont fall

Pole vaulting champion?

michael gog

How long is the pole used in pole vaulting?

Trick question: The pole used in pole vaulting may be any length. There are no restrictions as far as how long a pole can be or how much a pole can weigh. Poles are rated by the weight of the person using it. Looking at a site that sells poles they come in lengths from 7 feet to 16 feet.

What is sport that begins with the letter p?


What is the planting box used for in the Olympics?

pole vaulting

What sport uses a planting box?

Pole Vaulting

Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole vaulting

Kevin Jonas's fave sport?

pole vaulting

What is Kevin Jonas's favortie sport?

pole vaulting

Kevin Jonas's favorite hobbys?

pole vaulting

What is Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole Vaulting

What is the trick to pole vaulting?

Balance, Speed, and Cordination.

How many people have died pole vaulting?