Best Answer you get the best fingerboard stuff for a great price

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Q: Where do you by wood for a fingerboard?
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Where can you get a wood fingerboard?

go to or

What kind of wood do you need to make a woden fingerboard?

oak or verlen wood

What kind of wood is used to make fingerboard ramps?

Any kind of wood... but i use about 4 layers of thin ply wood

Where can you buy fingerboard foam tape for your fingerboard company?

You can get them at prowood fingerboard or flatface fingerboard.

Where can you get a wooden fingerboard in the UK?

Check on Ebay they have like 5 for only £10 and they are CCanadian maple wood.

What is the difference between a Tech Deck and a fingerboard?

Tech Deck is a brand of a fingerboard. Fingerboard is a name of games.

Where to buy a fingerboard?

Online fingerboard shop from Poland

What is the body and the fingerboard of a violin made from?

The body and neck of a violin are usually made of maple, and the belly or soundboard of spruce. The fingerboard is often made of ebony, but sometimes made of some other hard wood stained very dark.

What kind of wood is an Alvarez 5214 12 string guitar made of?

Spruce Top,Mahogany back and sides,Rosewood fingerboard

How do you make a wooden fingerboard?

First you need to get some veneer (paper-thin wood) then cut it to the shape of a tech deck. Do this 5 times so you get 5 plies. Next take some wood glue and glue the plies on top of each other. Next put your wooden fingerboard in-between two tech deck fingerboard decks. Now take two C clamps and clamp the nose and the tail. now take a regular clamp and clamp the body of the deck. Let it dry over night and tada a wooden fingerboard deck.

What are some American fingerboard sites? and flatface has Berlin wood black river ramps and close up crap it better

Where can you buy fingerboard trucks?

If you are looking for top of the line fingerboard trucks try or

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