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The Mets home dugout is on the first base side.

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Q: Where do the mets sit during a home game?
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How many times can a player sit out during a softball game in a row?

A player can sit out at least 3 times during a softball game in a row.

Where do Celtic FC fans sit?

At Celtic park during a home game. In the away end at away games. And generally a sofa any other time.

Did Joe DiMaggio sit out of a game during his hit streak?


What side of the stadium does the home team of a football game sit on?


What side of the field do home baseball fans sit?

There is no designated area where the home fans sit. They sit on all sides of the baseball field. There are usually many, many more home fans than visitor fans at a baseball game. The visitor fans also may sit anywhere in the stadium.

What is the booth that the announcers sit in during a baseball game called?

Announcer's booth.

Where do baseball players sit when they r not on d field during a game?

Dugout (:

What do you call the place where the announcers sit during a football game?

The announcer's booth.

Which side does the home team bench sit in a NBA game?

Away is LEFT and HOME is right.

When a normal AFL home and away game how many players sit on the interchange bench for one team?


What happens to a basketball game during a commercial?

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What dugout does the visiting team sit in during a baseball game?

Their own. Generally if they sit in the home team's dugout, there's bound to be a fight or two. Seriously, it varies from stadium to stadium. Often the home team is on the 3rd base side, with the visitors across at 1st base. But there's no hard and fast rule. Sarcasm does not seem appropriate for answering a question.

What is the difference between marching band and pep band?

In most cases, the pep band does not march. They sit in the stands at basketball games and play during the game. Marching band performs at half-time during a football game.

How much are Cincinnati Reds tickets?

It depends on where you want to sit. The cheapest ones, which are in the outfield (I don't advise sitting here during a day game or early night game) are about $6, and the most expensive, which are by home plate, can be around $120-$150, depending on what kind of game it is. Check their website to find out how much you want to spend for good seats.

How can football players wear casts during the game?

Football players can wear their casts during the game as long as they are able to still play when they are on. If they can play through the pain, then they are able to, but it is usually best to sit out when the players are hurt.

What you sit on a baseball game?

You sit in a seat or on a bleacher.

During normal Australian Football League home and away games how many players sit on the interchange bench for one team?


Do any players sit out while 5 players play the game?

Any player can sit out of a game while the other five play. The players that sit out are usually chosen by the coach.

What side does Portland Trail Blazers team sit on?

It depends. The last time I saw them they sat on the left side in a home game. It kinda matters whether they are at home or on the road. LEFT- HOME RIGHT- Road. I think.

What happens if a nba player gets 8 technical fouls during the finals?

Well, in the NBA during a game he will be "injected" from the game once he committed 2 technicals, meaning he cannot participate in the rest of the game, he can't even sit on the bench, he has to leave. And a person cannot get 8 technicals, because they'll get suspended once they get 7 technicals, this can happen during the finals and the season.

Where do the children sit during the trial?

they sit in the negro section. top banester

Where do the seattle mariners team sit on home games?

Unlike most teams, the Mariners sit in the first base dugout at home games.

Which dugout does the home team sit in?

First base

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