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In whichever nice hotel within striking distance of next day's start that their teams can arrange for them.

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Q: Where do the cyclists sleep during the tour de France?
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How many French cyclists in the 2012 tour de France?

how many cyclists in 2012 tour de france

How many cyclists finished the tour de France 2010 race?

170 cyclists finished it.

What is average age of the Tour de France cyclists?


What famous structure do the cyclists in tour de france pass in paris?

The Arc de Triomphe

How do you use chalenge in a sentence?

The Tour de France bicycling event is a challenge even for experienced cyclists.

How many tourists visit France each year for the Tour De France?

hundereds of people each year come to see thy cyclists go by

How Many Irish cyclists have won a stage in the Tour De France?

only one I believe was Stephen Roche in 1987

Why is tour de France important?

It is the premier stage race for cyclists. Also Its A race to see how good you are in a marathon

Why is the Tour de France so popular?

Because it is the premier stage race for cyclists. Also It's a race to see how good you are in a marathon.

How often are cyclists drug tested in the Tour De France?

There are random drug tests for riders. Those that finish "on the podium" in a given stage are drug tested.

What are two historical events that have interrupted the tour de France?

Tour de France was interrupted during World War 1 and 2.

Was there a tour de france during the world war?


What is the 2012 tour de France bike frame made of?

Each team has a manufacturer produce a mixture of bicycles for their cyclists, the most common material to make the frames is carbon fibre.

What year was tour de France cancelled?

The Tour de France was not organised during WWI and from 1940 to 1946 (due to WWII). It resumed in 1947.

Where do the tour of Britain 2009 cyclists come from?

The individuals that take part in the Tour of Britain Race are from many countries and nations.

When was the first Tour De France?

The first ever le Tour de France was in July 1st to July 19 1903 with only six participants.Won by Maurice Garin, France in 94h 33' 14".Most of the cyclists were french (probably because it wasn't very well known back then) and first, second and third all went to french cyclists.It has occurred every year since then, except during the two world wars.The first race was 1903, but Geo Lefevre first thought of organising it the year before. It was won by Maurice-Francois Garin.

What international results does BBC Sport cycling show?

The BBC Sport cycling shows international results for cyclists from all over the world. Many cycling competitions, such as the Tour de France, are broadcast there.

What has the author Mart Smeets written?

Mart Smeets has written: 'Geel' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Cyclists, Tour de France (Bicycle race) 'Murfreesboro blues'

Bastille day falls during the running of which famous sporting event in France?

Tour de France

Is the Paris - Roubaix a lead up to the Tour De France?

No! It's a one day race, totally different to the Tour de France. its one of the 5 one day monuments of cycling (the others being Milan - San Remo, Tour of Flanders, lLege - Bastogne - Liege and the tour of Lombardy). Its also one of the spring classics. These races favour totally different cyclists to the grand tours, to the extent that grand tour contenders may not race in the classics.

Was trere any crashes during the tour de France?


How many years between each Tour De France in the country of France?

The Tour de France is held every year. The only times it has not been held is during the two World Wars.

When was the first Tour de France race?

The first Tour de France took place in 1903. It was not held during the World Wars, and the Tour 2014 is the 101st of the race since the beginning. The first Tour was won by Maurice Garin.

Where do tour de France riders sleep?

In hotels in cities within easy reach of next day's start.

How many cyclists have died in the tour de France?

Four (4) cyclists have died during the Tour de France:(as of June 2010)1910: French racer Adolphe Heliere drowned at the French Riviera during a rest day.1935: Spanish racer Francisco Cepeda plunged down a ravine.1967: Tom Simpson died of heart failure during the ascent of Mont Ventoux. Amphetamine were found in Simpson's jersey and blood.1995: Fabio Casartelli crashed at 88 km/h (55 mph) while descending the Col de Portet d'Aspet.