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Maryvale Park in Phoenix, AZ

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Q: Where do the Milwaukee Brewers hold spring training?
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Where do the Philadelphia Phillies hold spring training?

The Phillies hold Spring Training in Clearwater, Florida.

What is the Chicago Cubs record against the Brewers?

Through the 2017 season, the Chicago Cubs hold a 169 to 161 advantage over the Milwaukee Brewers in 330 meetings.

Where do the Mets hold Spring Training?

Port St. Lucie

Where do the San Diego Padres hold spring training?


Where do the Kansas City Royals hold spring training?


Where do the Detroit Tigers hold spring training?

Lakeland, Florida

Where did the Montreal Expos hold spring training?

Westpalm Beach FL

Where do the St. Louis Cardinals hold spring training?

In Jupiter Florida.

Where do the San Francisco Giants hold spring training?

Scottsdale Arizona

Who hold the record for most Home runs in a season for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Through the 2008 season, that is Prince Fielder with 50 home runs in 2007.

Where did the Washington Senators hold spring training?

The Washington Senators held there spring training in Winter Garden, Florida during the 40's and 50's. The expansion Senators (1960s) held their spring training camp in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Where do the Baltimore Orioles hold spring training?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, until 2009. They moved to Sarasota beginning in spring of 2010.

Where do the Atlanta Braves hold spring training?

Disney Wide World of sports in Florida

Where do the New York Mets hold spring training?

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Where do the Arizona Diamondbacks hold spring training?

They play at Tucson Electric Park, in Tucson, Arizona

Where did the New York Yankees hold spring training in 2000?

Legends Field in Tampa, Florida.

Where do the New York Yankees hold spring training?

George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida.

What city do Atlanta Braves Baseball Team hold their spring training?

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

How much is an autographed baseball by 12 of the Milwuakee Brewers worth?

Milwaukee Brewers Multi-Signed BaseballThe value of your ball will rely which 12 Milwaukee Brewers signed the ball. The key signatures will hold the bulk of the value. A multi signed baseball is valued as a group and how desired that group is as a whole. You cannot add up each signature to find a value. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the markey value or less.

What Milwaukee Brewer pitcher hit the most batters while with the Brewers?

Through games played on June 15, 2009, Dave Bush and Jamie Wright hold the Brewers' franchise record for hit batsmen with 49. The next batter Bush hits this season will give him the record outright.

Where do the Cincinnati Reds hold Spring training?

It has been held in Sarasota, Florida but in 2010 is going to be in Goodyear, Arizona.

Where do the Minnesota Twins hold spring training?

14100 Six Miles Cypress Pkwy., Ft. Myers fl.

Where do the Washington Nationals hold spring training?

Viera, Florida. They play their home games at Space Coast Stadium in Melbourne.

Where do the Chicago White Sox hold spring training?

Tucson Electric Park is the the spring training home for the Chicago White Sox. However, if allowed to leave or sublet the stadium, the Sox will share a facility with the Los Angeles Dodgers in Glendale, AZ beginning in 2009.

Where do the Toronto Blue Jays hold spring training?

KNOLOGY PARK, Dunedin, Florida, home ground of the Blue Jays Class A affiliate the Dunedin Blu Jays.