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Depends what sport, most take part in Stadiums or Arenas.

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Q: Where do professional sports events take place?
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How many sports and events take place in Olympics?

there are 26 sports and about 300 events.

How many sporting events are going to take place in the 2012 Olympics?

There will be 302 events for the 26 sports

What sports take place in the winter Olympics?

Moguls, biathlon, luge and ice skating are some events.

How many events take place in the commonwealth games?

261 events from 18 sports were contested at the most recent Commonwealth Games in 2014.

What is a definition of the word 'arena'?

An arena is a large auditorium with tiered seating surrounding a central space used for various public events. Organized indoor spectator sports which are usually professional and to a lesser extent amateur take place in arenas. Other organized professional entertainments such as concerts, circuses, and ice shows also take place in arenas.

Sports day welcome speech?

A welcome speech for a sports day can be a fun way to start the events of the day. The speaker may give the audience an overview of all the events to take place and get everyone in the spirit to participate.

What events currently take place during the Winter games?

where events take place during the winter games

When and where do events take place?

Answer:most take place at either Gamestops or Toys R' Us (TRU Events)

Was there any kids leagues for sports in the 1940's?

No because many sporting events did not take place because of World War II

What is the city that most sports take place in?

they take place in New York

Where and when do Nintendo events take place?

Answer:most take place at either Gamestops or Toys R' Us (TRU Events)

When do the events of the movie The Polar Express take place?

The events of the movie The Polar Express take place on Christmas Eve.

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