Where do medals come from?

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the world

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Q: Where do medals come from?
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Where did new zealand come on the medals table in the Beijing Olympics 2008?

Tied for 23rd (with Norway) with 9 medals.

What did place did America come in the 2012 Olympics?

America had the most gold medals as well as the most overall medals.

What place did china come in the 2012 Olympics?

With 88 Total Medals China was second behind the USA 104 Medals. With 38 Gold Medals China was second behind the USA with 46 Gold Medals

Were did china come in Olympics in 2008?

China came in 1st in gold medals with 51 and 2nd in total medals with 100.

What is the hack to get all the medals on poptropica?

you have to write applebees12 on the promo writer and you will get a apple and all the medals that will come and all the member items

Where did Austria come in the 2012 Olympics?

They failed to win any medals

What place did GB come in the olympics?

For number of Athletes with 541 they came in first. For Gold Medals with 29 they came in 3rd For the 17 Silver Medals they were fifth and for both the 19 Bronze medals and the 65 total medals they came in fourth

How many medals do Canada have won?

Canada has won 15 medals come on Canada we need to win this united states is i think winning!!eeekkkkk

How many gold medals did the USA come home with in the 2012 Olympics?

USA won 46 gold, 29 silver and 29 bronze with total of 104 medals.

What are the top 20 medal winning countries at the Beijing Olympics?

On the number of medals they won (regardless of color) # United States (110 medals) # China (100 medals) # Russia (72 medals) # Great Britain (47 medals) # Australia (46 medals) # Germany (41 medals) # France (40 medals) # Korea (31 medals) # Italy (28 medals) # Ukraine (27 medals) # Japan (25 medals) # Cuba (24 medals) # Belarus (19 medals) # Spain (18 medals) # Canada (18 medals) # Netherlands (16 medals) # Brazil (15 medals) # Kenya (14 medals) # Kazakhstan (13 medals) # Jamaica (11 medals)

What are all the medals you get in the army?

There are just too many to list. Type in something like US Military Medals for a websearch, and any number of sites should come up.

Where did Russia come in the 2012 olympic medal table?

Russia left London with a total of 82 medals (24 gold, 26 silver, and 32 bronze), finishing fourth in the overall medal standings or Gold Medals and third for total medals

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