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Great question. I've heard several different theories from different sources. Some say that drivers sweat so much during a race (temperatures in-car

can reach up to 150 degrees) that excess fluids are simply sweated

out. Others have said that if the need to urinate arises, they just...well...

go. If you know what I mean.

They don't when they are driving, they go before and after a race.

I have personally asked this question of Stacy Compton who use to race in the Busch series and yes they wear padded underwear and go if they need to , but he said they get so hot and dehydrated that the majority of the time they don't even have to go to the bathroom.

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They can't leave their cockpit, so they can't pee during a race. But if it is unavoidable and end of the race is far, they do it simply in cockpit. When it's raining, cockpit is full of water and no one recognise, that driver did that.

The drivers are encouraged to urinate during a race as it is said if they crash with a full bladder, it may explode/rupture causing serious injuries/fatalities

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From what articles have been written, they don't really have to. They are in the middle of a hot day in a fire suit in a hot car so they sweat out whatever they drink. They have to drink a lot to keep hydrated because whatever they do drink by the time the next caution comes around (if it isn't within the next 10 laps) they have already sweated it out. At least that is what Jimmie Johnson said when he was asked.

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She's got an iron bladder that just holds and holds and holds.

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Q: Where do formula 1 drivers pee during a race?
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What do f1 drivers do if they need a pee?

While in a race they just pee. I do not know if they wear a diaper or other waste containment device but I do know that they don't hold it and that they don't leave their car to visit the bathroom.

Do spotters pee in their pants like the drivers do during a race?

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In a Nascar race how do the drivers go without going to the bathroom for so long?

A race is only about 3 or 4 hours long, so it's often possible for them to go before the race, then not have to go again until after. In addition, the inside of the car can get very hot -- 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more -- because of the car's exhaust, which runs just beneath the floor. Because of the heat and the effort they have to expend, they're often more at risk of becoming dehydrated during a race, so they often drink lots of fluids leading up to a race and have a water or energy drink in the car that they'll drink from during caution periods. But, ultimately, if a driver has to go to the bathroom during a race, they would simply relieve themselves in their suit. There's far too much money and prestige at risk to worry about something minor like having to go to the bathroom. Some also wear depends. In most races, the drivers perspire and let out so much body fluid that the wont have to pee. However the occasional pee is required, there is no exact way to do so, but there are many stories of drivers being handed water bottles during pit stops, and even one true story of Tony Stewart defecating in his fire suit. He went on to win, and changed before the interview.

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