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Q: Where do blue jay birds migrate to?
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Do blue jays the birds migrate?

Blue Jays rarely migrate, but if they migrate they leave when the weather gets to cold for them.

What are some birds?

blue jay

What state does the blue jay represent?

Surprisingly, the blue jay is not one of the State Birds.

What are blue jay migration groups called?

Blue jays migrate in flocks.

What is an Oriole or blue jay for short?


What is a blue jay's wing covered with?

As with other birds, the wing of a blue jay is covered in feathers.

How many babies can a blue jay have?

blue jay birds can have at lease 2-3 babies

What is a blue jay invertebrate or a vertebrate?

Birds like the Blue Jay have a backbone and are called vertebrates.

What birds have 7 letter names?

Blue jay!

Is a blue jay an invertebrate?

No, all birds are vetebrates.

What are some type of birds?

blue jay red

Do blue jay bird hibrinate?

No, birds do not hibernate.

What hummingbird and blue jay have in common?

They are both birds!

What are the individual names of the three blue birds from angry birds?

The individual names of the three blue birds from the Angry Birds are Jay, Jake, and Jim.

What is a bird with a blue head called?

a blue jay very sophisticated birds

Are blue jay birds tropical?

No. The blue jay is found in temperate zones of North America, mainly east of the Rockies.

Are blue jay birds nocturnal?

No. They are active at daylight hours.

Is blue jay extinct birds?

no they're not there still alive

Can blue jay birds live in Toronto?

Yes, and they do, actually.

Is a blue jay a vertebrates or invertebrates?

All birds are vertebrates.

Where does the blue jay migrate?

In the northern sections of its range, there is some withdrawal southwards. But mainly, it does not migrate over most of its range.

Can you see a blue jay in January?

Yes, blue jays are not normally migratory birds.

Is a blue jay a composer?

No, they are not. They are no more than birds who just so happen to be blue.

What birds chirp?

All kinds of birds chirp like a blue jay and cardinal and other birds...etc.

What birds migrate from Ireland?

what birds migrate from Ireland