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They stay at a specially constructed arena called the 'Olympic Village'.

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Q: Where do athletes stay when they attend the olympic games?
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Where did the athletes stay during the ancient olympic games?

At your mommas house

Where will the athletes stay for the Olympic Games in 2008?

They will stay at a specially constructed arena called the 'Olympic Village' which is being built in Beijing near many of the monuments in the city.

How many athletes stay in the olympic village in 2012?


Where are the olympic athletes housed?

Athletes stay in a variety of housing. Some stay at the Olympic Village, others rent hotel rooms or houses. I'm sure some Chinese athletes might stay in their personal homes if they are near their competition venue.

Where do the athletes stay when they go over to the Olympics?

They stay in a complex called the Olympic village.

How long may athletes stay in the olympic village?


How many athletes can stay at the Olympic Village?

i dont know mate. FIND OUT

Where do the athletes live in the Olympics?

the host country creates what is called "The Olympic Village" in which only athletes and coaches are allowed to stay in.

Do athletes pay to stay and eat in Olympic Village?

yes but not much. They have to cough up $300 to stay and to eat

Where will the athletes stay during the 2008 Olympics?

The Olympic Village where the athletes will stay is being constructed on the north side of the city of Beijing near many of the the city's historic sites.

Couldren at the sydney olympic games stay abouve the ground for?

you tell me

Where did the guests of the ancient olympic games stay?

There were no guests, there were participants and spectators.

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