Where do Liverpool football club play?

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They play at Anfield.

They may be planning a move to Stanley Park if plans to build a new stadium go through.

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Q: Where do Liverpool football club play?
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In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Did messi ever play for Liverpool?

Lionel Messi has never played for Liverpool football club in his football career.

How many players play for Liverpool football club?

a lot

Where is it possible to purchase tickets to watch Liverpool Football Club play?

Liverpool Football Club tickets can be purchased on Liverpool FC website. The Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool, England was created back in 1892 and is known for winning more titles than any English competitor.

Where is the Liverpool football club located?

Liverpool. Liverpool Football Club, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH

Which football club does glen Johnson play for?

Mr. Johnson plays for the Liverpool club.

How long has Liverpool football club been around?

Liverpool Football Club was founded in 1892.

Is Liverpool a City?

Liverpool is Football Club

Who is Robbie Fowler?

He plays football for Cardiff City. Used to play for Liverpool Football Club (TWICE!)

Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded in 1892.

What are some players on the Liverpool Football Club?

Some of the players who play on the Liverpool Football Club are some of the following people: Steven Gerrad, Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, and Pepe Reina.

Does Steven Gerrard play for Liverpool Football Club?

Yes.He has played there for the entirety of his career.

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