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the word Lacrosse comes from the french phrase the cross... la is the and the cross in lacrosse is your stick.

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Q: Where did the word lacrosse come from?
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When was lacrosse first played as a sport?

were do lacrosse the sport come from ? were do lacrosse the sport come from ?

What is the Hebrew word for lacrosse?

There is no Hebrew word for lacrosse. Israelis just call it "lacrosse" (spelled לאקרוס)

Oneida word for lacrosse?

The Oneida word for lacrosse is Sheko':lih.

Where did the name lacrosse come from?

lacrosse came from the native americans.

Did soccer or lacrosse come first?

lacrosse by the native Americans

What did lacrosse come from?

Lacrosse came from the Indians who first settled in America.

What is lacrosse in French?

The word lacrosse comes from the French word 'la crosse' meaning 'the stick'.

How do you say in spanish I play lacrosse?

Juego lacrosse. There is no Spanish word for lacrosse...At least not yet. Laxgirl18, not hatin, but "Me gusta lacrosse" is I like lacrosse. Not "Mucho Gusto." Mucho gusto means "nice to meet you."

Why is lacrosse called lax?

People replace the "cross" in the word and put an "x" on the end of the word. Therefore, lacrosse is also called "lax."

What does Lacrosse Waders sell?

Lacrosse Waders are a product rather than a seller. They are produced by Lacrosse Footwear and come as wader pants and as chest waders in various designs and materials.

When did lacrosse come to Maryland?

Lacrosse was already in Maryland when the Colonists came over from Europe in the late 1500's. Lacrosse was a game played by the Native American Indians of this region.

When and where on tv does lacrosse usually come on?

Saturday morning on espnu

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