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Lacrosse was first played by the Potawatomi Indians as a celebration.

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Q: What does the name lacrosse mean and where was its origins?
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Where does lacrosse origins?

native Americans (Indians) created the game

What does Bag-at-away mean in lacrosse?

Without the dashes its another name for lacrosse the Algonquin nation used.

What does lacrosse mean in English?

A nice pirson's last name

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The name Karri is said to mean "pure". It is derived from the name Katherine and is of Greek origins.

What are the origins of lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally played by Indians, using small heads as the ball and a stick with a net tied on top. the net was called a "crosse"

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What is the name of the louisianna lacrosse team?

the name of the louisianna lacrosse team, is the " Loyola flyers".

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Where did the name lacrosse come from?

lacrosse came from the native americans.

Where did lacrosse?

Lacrosse was formed my native American tribes, the real name is called baggattaway. It got the name lacrosse from a french soldior that documented them playing

What is the name of a professional lacrosse league?

mll or nll major league lacrosse or national lacrosse league

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What was lacrosse was originally called?

The name that lacrosse was originally called is baggatway

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Why did the french name lacrosse lacrosse?

I believe lacrosse was named lacrosse because the head of the stick (the pocket/net) is called la Crosse in french. France, England and Eastern Europe is where it originated out of and so the name stuck.