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what rule

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Q: Where did the rule come from in volleyball?
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What is a foul in vollyball?

~Since I was on a volleyball team (my middle school year) I can tell you what a foul in volleyball is. A foul in volleyball is a violation or breaking a rule in volleyball.~

Who wrote the first rule of volleyball?

Wiliam Morgan invented Volleyball and wrote the rules.

How did volleyball scoring rule change?


Meaning of dead ball in volleyball?

A dead ball in volleyball is any ball that touches the floor or violates a rule, resulting in an end of the play.

What the foul rule in volleyball?

putting ur hand over the net

What is the length and width of a volleyball net?

What is the length and width of a volleyball net? Does it come in different sizes?

What origin did volleyball come from?


What is the main rule in volleyball?

There is none, they are all just as important as the other ones.

How did the come up with the name volleyball?

well... people like William g. Morgan mixed lots of sports together and the names to come up with volleyball.

When did volleyball first come out?

I think in 1895

Where did beach volleyball come from?

DA Beach..

How did William Morgan come up with volleyball?

Click on the 'History of Volleyball' link on this page to read about the origins of the game.

When did Mintonette become volleyball?

Within two years after the game was invented (volleyball was invented in 1895). Observers picked up on the rule that the ball could not touch the floor and began calling the game 'volley ball' which was eventually changed to 'volleyball'.

When did volleyball come into the olympic games?

Indoor volleyball has been an Olympic medal event since 1964 and beach volleyball was debuted in 1992 and became a medal event in 1996.

What sizes are available for volleyball shorts?

Volleyball shorts come in various colors and sizes. Volleyball shorts can cover toddlers, to plus sized adult without difficulty. Many people play volleyball, and that is why manufacturer need a lot of sizes.

Who would you talk to if you wanted to change a rule in volleyball Well its not really a rule but i want to talk to someone about making like a front row player only just like theres a libero?

Get in touch with the Volleyball Association of Gamemanship United Everywhere (VAGUE) to see if they are interested.

What is the rule if two players touch the ball at the same time in volleyball?

It counts for 2 catches.

Can an up ref over rule lines men in volleyball?

yes, an up ref has the ultimate call on a play

Are artificial noise makers allowed at NCAA volleyball games?

Womens NCAA Volleyball... Nope Men's NCAA Volleyball... YEAP, does not say anywhere in the rulebook! Probably might be a gym/arena rule not to use but those are the uptight, anal, conservative people who make the game boring.

What are some more effective but less intesive volleyball drills?

Effective but less intensive volleyball drills are different blocking drills and have a 70% rule where you practice until you get 70% of the shots. It's repetitive but easy going.

How come guys cant play volleyball in high school?

Guys are allowed to play Vlleyball in high-school, It depends on your education institution if they do Extra Curricular sport such as Volleyball. Volleyball may not be available to you to participate in school.

Does Big5 sell cheap volleyball shorts?

Depending on what your definition of "cheap" is, but Big5 does not sell cheap volleyball shorts. Also, Big5 is very limited for different styles of shorts and not gender friendly. Volleyball shorts only come in men's.

Can a player hit the ball twice in two man volleyball?

Yes they can that rule was put into play I think back in 2009.

What is opponent error in volleyball?

When a team earns a point because the opposing team has broken a rule of regulation, such as going out of bounds.

When did beach volleyball come to the olympics?

Beach Volleyball was first introduced in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain and has been an official Olympic sport since 1996.