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The Packers began playing at Lambeau in 1957. Prior to that, their home in Green Bay was City Stadium between 1925-1956. They also played games in Milwaukee and the stadiums they used where Borchert Field, Wisconsin State Fair Park, Marquette Stadium, and Milwaukee County Stadium.

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The Green Bay Packers used to play in "city stadium", between the years 1925 to 1956. It is now used for Green Bay East High School.

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Q: Where did the packers play their very first home game?
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The first official season 1919, Green Bay Packers won all games except one. The very first game that year was against Menominee North End A.C. and the score was 53 to 0.

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The Packers home field is not on artificial turf. They play on a natural grass surface.

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