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Greece, it always starts in greece each olympic games.

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2012-07-29 22:52:39
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Q: Where did the olympic torch start from this year 2012?
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Where will the Olympic torch be led through?

this year the Olympic torch will be led through Dundee

When is the Olympic torch going to be lighted and extinguished?

The olympic torch is extinguished at the end of the olympics?

What is the Olympics torch destination?

The Olympic torch relay always terminates in the central stadium of that year's Olympic Games.

What people are carrying the Olympic torch this year?


Where did they light the olympic torch this year?


Why is the olympic torch so important?

the torch is important because it is an Olympic tradition that started in the year 1936. the torch is always carried from grease to the country where the Olympics is being held.

What year did Greece light the Olympic torch?

They first lighted the torch at Olympia in 776Bc

Who enters in the Olympic torch relay?

usually people that enter the torch relay are mostly people from the country that hosts the olympic games that year.

What year did the olympic torch get lit?

16 of may

How did the olympic torch design change over year?

i dint :)

How many people ran with the olympic torch this year?

i dont no

When was the Olympic torch invented?

Before 1896, the year of the first Olympics.

What year did Greece first light up the Olympic torch?

776 b.c.

How were the Olympic torch runners picked in Ancient Greece?

the champions from they year before.

What does the olympic torch look like?

It depends on the games, each Olympic games has a different design for the torch. this year it is a triangle. it has 8000 holes 2 represent the ppeople who r carrying it

Is 2012 the year for Olympics games?

yes! every year take 2012 for example if its divisable by 2 then its the year of an olympic games either winter olympic games or summer olympic games!

On what day of this year did the Olympics start on this year?

Beijing 2008 summer Olympics started august 8 when they lit the torch on the opening ceremony. The next summer Olympics will be London 2012.

What year did vanna white carry a torch for the Olympics?

For the 1996 Olympics games both Vanna White and Pat Sajak carried the Olympic torch on different legs of the route

What is the next Olympic year?

The next olympic year is 2012, when the Olynpic Games will be held in London, and be the Summer games.

How do the Olympic games start each year?

Olympic flame lighting

On which year did the first Olympic start?

The first Olympic games were in Greece.

Did the olympic torch ever go through Michigan?

Im from Michigan and I couldn't tell you the year but it did go through Michigan

How long is the olympic torch relay?

every torch relay is different! this year (vancouver 2010 torch relay) the flame traveld 45, 000 km in over 106 days! making it way around the highest and the lowest point of canada!

What year were the previous olympic?

the previous games were in 2012

When is Tae Kwon Do in this year's olympic games?

It will be in 2012.